My lupus flare is trying to affect my social and quality of life

My lupus flare is trying its best to ruin my social life. It's already affected my quality of life. The things I used to enjoy such as going out in the summer, engage in aerobic exercise or anything else physical is out of the question now.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks itself. The immune system is supposed to protect the body from invaders that would cause inflammation and infection. There are different forms of lupus and it affects women, men, and children; particularly women of childbearing age.

Lupus has the potential of permanently destroying internal and external organ systems. Joint and muscle pain, chronic fatigue, hair loss are just a few symptoms people with lupus experience but there are much more.

Currently, my lupus flare is causing joint and muscle pain, hair loss, shortness of breath and profuse sweating called hyperhidrosis. These symptoms are terrible and can really cause depression but I won't let it.

Sure, I'm angry that I'm going through this right now. I can barely walk one block without having to stop for a rest. The profuse sweating I'm experiencing comes at any moment's notice, whether I'm taking a simple walk or just talking to someone. That's a bummer because the old me was very outgoing socially.

I've experienced hair loss before but nothing like this. I recently visited a dermatologist to receive steroid injections into the frontal part of my scalp, as I have two big bald patches. This is tough to manage because I have to do the "comb over" and I still can see my scalp.

I would like to think that I'm a tough cookie. I'm raising two boys with autism on my own while dealing with this illness. It's very stressful of course and stress is the number one culprit in having a lupus flare, which I'm sure contributed to this one.

I could do one or two things: be sad and become a hermit who watch Lifetime movies all day or roll with the punches. Of course, I pick the latter of the two.

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