Ahem, did anyone remember that February is Black History Month?

Ahem, did anyone remember that February is Black History Month?

Most of us remember that February is Black History Month. Some may or may not know that black historian Carter G. Woodson created it. The purpose of Black History Month is to reflect on or recognize the achievement of blacks in United States history.

When I was in grammar school (in the 70's), Black History Month was a big deal. I remember when Roots by Alex Haley came on television for a whole week, students had to watch it. If the teachers didn't assign it, students had to watch it by default because in those days, parents dominated the tv which was set to that program.

Every classroom performed plays, recited poems, dance routines and sang songs that expressed the struggle of urban life or the civil rights movement. I, personally, recited the poem Mother to Son in the 4th grade by Langston Hughes, who remains my literary hero to this date.

I'm not sure if Black History Month is a priority in some schools anymore but if it isn't, it definitely belongs in the black home. Unfortunately, the majority of black youth's desire to learn about black history is being drowned out by technology and materialism.

For the record, technology is great. I wish Google and other search engines and computers for that matter existed when I was younger. I had to go to the library and look through humongous encyclopedias and check out a limited amount of books for a report I had to do.

Technology makes research of black history so much easier but again, the average black youth spend most of their time playing games or searching for the latest fashions they saw on their favorite celeb, on some silly reality show.

It's really up to us black parents. To those of us who try to talk to our children about our history and they refuse to listen, let them know that the things that they are able to enjoy now is because of the blacks who suffered to get us to this point.

Let them know that America is still a country divided and that there is still black history to be made and to be a part of.

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