There are hair care remedies for lupus sufferers

When you have lupus, chances are you are going to have problems along the way with your hair. Regardless of gender but particularly women, those of us with lupus will experience thinning hair, hair loss, or both.

The reason is because lupus is an autoimmune disease. Our immune system is created to fight off invaders that would cause infection, inflammation, or disease. With lupus, the immune system gets confused and attacks itself. With this, damage or potential damage to internal or external organ systems may occur.

There are different forms of lupus: systemic (internal and external), discoid (skin), juvenile (children) and drug induced (certain medications).

If someone is like me and have systemic lupus, again, the hair follicles can be affected. I'm also menopausal which doesn't make my case any better.

Thankfully, I went to the beauty salon last week for a relaxer touch up and was told that in spite of my thinning hair and hair loss at my temples, my follicles were still active. The stylist suggested using Shea Moisture Jamaican Castor Oil on those areas and wait for the results.

Of course, there are more ways or other solutions to care for your hair if it's been affected by lupus. If it's a scalp or follicle concern, see a dermatologist. Meanwhile, consulting a hairstylist is best as far as knowing what products to purchase for the texture and condition of your hair.

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