How lupus sufferers can take care of themselves in the winter

I can personally say that I'm enjoying the cold weather we're having in Chicago. Yesterday, when we had that 60 degrees, either I was having hot flashes or I was just getting warm because the heat was on in my apartment. That brief warm stint reminded me of what is to come in a few months.

For the lupus sufferer, we have to prepare ourselves accordingly when it comes to the weather. When it's the summer, we have to shield ourselves from the sun by using sunscreen, or wearing sun hats or carry umbrellas. In my case, the heat and humidity is dangerous to me so I avoid going outside altogether.

When it comes to the winter, we have to protect ourselves that we don't get Raynaud's Syndrome, which is a case of your fingers turning numb in response to the cold. You definitely should wear gloves and make sure you have the proper shoes or boots on because your toes can be affected as well.

Lupus sufferers have to take care of their skin when it's brutally cold. Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks itself, causing damage or potential damage to internal and external organ systems.

Achy joints and muscles are predominate with people who have lupus, all year round. However, it seems to exacerbate during the winter months so we definitely have to cover up properly when we're outdoors in the cold.

Skin rashes or damage is common with lupus but if you don't have them, protect yourself by keeping yourself hydrated and use highly moisturizing creams or lotions, based upon your skin type.

Lupus affects people in different ways so the best thing to do is to stay in contact with your specialist. Based upon your need, they can provide the best suggestions possible to get you up and going during these winter months.

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