Handwriting a letter to my son's teacher brings back memories

This morning, I wrote a letter to my son's teacher for his absence from school yesterday. It felt weird considering the tech age we're in but it brought back a lot of memories when I was a child.

It was in the news recently about whether handwriting or cursive writing should be mandatory. Some were for it and some were against it, like any other debate.

Of course, being the age that I am (50 years old), I'm all for it. Don't get me wrong--technology is great, in its place. However, when I see children in class with tablets and other gadgets to use for their assignments, it annoys me.

Handwriting is more productive. Handwriting is therapeutic. Handwriting gives you something to fall back on in case of the inevitable computer crash. Handwriting in class makes you more focused as using electronics gives students the temptation to goof off.

Also, in the real world, handwriting is necessary as you will still have to physically sign documents from time to time. That is something a computer or tablet cannot teach you.

To this date, I'm computer illiterate. I know the basics to get what I need done but the computer does not control my life. Actually, if it wasn't for my son getting his first desktop via an agency for his autism, I probably would be a late bloomer getting one.

I absolutely love handwriting. I remember the penmanship contests my grade school teacher would give. On a sour note, I remember writing "statements" a certain amount of times if I did something wrong. Little did I know that writing "I will not talk in class" one hundred times would improve my writing and spelling skills.

I don't know the outcome of the debate on whether handwriting should be part of a school's curriculum. I would love for the students today to at least have an idea of what we had to do in the past, and to see how beneficial, rewarding, and therapeutic handwriting can be for them.

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