It's stressful when my 19 year old behaves like a 3 year old

My son Kameron is 19 years old and has autism. When he regresses, he behaves like a 3 year old. Autism is a developmental disorder which impairs a person the ability to communicate.

There are different levels of autism and in Kameron's case, he is non-verbal and behavior aggressive. When he is in the aggressive stage, he exhibits self-injurious behaviors such as head butting or hitting.

This is very troublesome for us. I'm sure Kameron is frustrated because he cannot verbally communicate. For me, this behavior is stressful to deal with because it drains the very life out of me.

Because I have lupus, I have to watch my stress level. Stress is my number one enemy because it triggers a flare up. Lupus is autoimmune disease that damages or has the potential to permanently damage internal and external organ systems.

Lupus flares consists of joint and muscle pain but my first signal is lethargy and chronic fatigue. I've been feeling this for the past week or however the length of time Kameron has regressed to his aggressive behavior.

Thankfully, he has the proper placement as far as school is concerned. Also, my family helps out. The bright side is that Kameron wears many hats, meaning he only behaves this way with me. This is because he's comfortable at home but is unsure of the reaction of others.

Still, the struggle is between the two of us; it doesn't matter how he behaves around others. I have to find other ways to get him to communicate with me so we both can have a harmonious and healthy outcome.

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