You can now place Usher in the same boat with Bill Cosby

You can now place Usher in the same boat with Bill Cosby

Singer Usher Raymond, simply known as Usher, can now be placed into the same boat with Bill Cosby. Both men have women coming out of the woodwork with allegations that should have been mentioned before now.

Usher is black America's sweetheart, who was once donned as the new Jackie Wilson because of his smooth technique of song and dance moves. Although too young for my taste, I was even fond of him in the 90s but in a motherly way.

Bill Cosby, of course, is black America's favorite TV dad. In the 80s, he expelled the stereotype that black families are devoid of a father in the home. The Cosby Show showed us that black families can have successful parents who raise their children to have high standards.

In recent news, Usher has been accused of infecting his sexual partners with the herpes virus. The lawsuit contends that he may have done it with knowledge and failed to disclose it to his partners.

There was one settlement payout to a woman in 2012 but now three more people have come forward--2 women and one man, claiming they were infected by the virus.

Cosby has been accused of drugging women and raping them or, should I say, engaging in some form of sexual act with them, without their consent. This supposedly happened in Cosby's heyday, when drugs flowed free among celebs as they do now.

Both of these cases have the same foundation, which is consent. Both women consented being in the presence of these two men. Both women obviously thought they were going to have a "come up", the new term for financial opportunity.

Cosby is wealthy and well known of course and could open doors for a lot of women seeking careers in the entertainment field. The same is true for Usher, who has worked his way up to this status.

Both men have "victims" who are the laughing stock of America right now: Quantasia Sharpton, the overweight accuser of Usher and Andrea Constand, the butch-looking accuser of Cosby. Both women have most Americans scratching their heads, wondering what on earth did they see in these women.

None of that matter because just like the rest of us, we reap what we sow. Both men used poor judgment in their behavior, innocent or not. We're living in very litigious times and I'm sure if they can turn back the clock, they would.

Question: Do you think that Usher and Cosby are innocent, in spite of their bad judgment?

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