Goodman Theatre's 'Objects In The Mirror' caused me to reflect on my past life

Goodman Theatre's 'Objects In The Mirror' caused me to reflect on my past life

I had the absolute pleasure last night of seeing Objects In The Mirror at the Goodman Theatre, 170 N. Dearborn street in Chicago. This play is really intriguing, causing me to reflect on my past.

Objects In The Mirror is based on the true story of a young Liberian refugee who went on a quest to escape his dangerous war-ridden country, in hopes of a better life.

Shedrick Yarkpai is the Liberian refugee who with his uncle and cousin went through many obstacles of hopefully obtaining freedom, or what they thought freedom meant in the United States.

These obstacles consisted of crossing dangerous African borders but the biggest obstacle prior to that was leaving his mom behind. His uncle and cousin used persuasive tactics to get him to come along.

He eventually ended up in Australia with another name, which is the price he paid to gain the freedom of crossing borders. This catches up with him when he is faced with whether he should use his real name versus fake, when fighting for an unjust situation there.

This play caused me to reflect on my past of doing what made others happy, by doing what they wanted me to do. I was also naive in a lot of situations, making it easy for me to be coerced into doing things illegal or shady.

Like Shedrick experienced, life has a way of making you pay some things back. In his case, he had to come to terms with who he really is and accept that fact, even if it meant trouble for him with the United States government.

I highly recommend that this play should be seen by teens. It will teach them to be true to themselves no matter what they are faced with. Of course, it's great for a general audience.

Objects In The Mirror runs from April 29-June 4. Please view Goodman's website for special pricing for students and for those with groups of 10 or more.

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