You & Me reporter Jon Hansen introduces the Empire Dance Company

You & Me reporter Jon Hansen introduces the Empire Dance Company

I didn't know the Empire Dance Company existed until I watched my favorite morning news program, You & Me. Reporter Jon Hansen introduced viewers to the dance company and they were a delight to watch.

The Empire Dance Company studio is located in the South Shore area at 2043 E. 75th Street in Chicago, Illinois. The dance group consists of African American kids and adults. The group has performed across the country in competitions as well at various events.

Established in 2001, the Empire Dance Company and school specializes in modern dance, jazz, tap, gymnastics, and hip hop, just to name a few.

CEO Latisha Waters believes that participation in the dance company is a great way to occupy the time of black youth in the community. Constructive activity such as dance may keep the kids out of trouble and I couldn't agree with her more.

The dancers were so energetic and the dance moves were second nature to them. People like Jon Hansen and I would have to take several lessons (one young dancer taught him a few steps) and we still wouldn't catch on. They're that good!

I love their dance moves because they have a Congolese theme. I took an African Art and Philosophy course where the instructor brought a video to class, showing Congolese young men and women dancing. It was amazing!

I automatically summed it up that most of the dancers in rap videos here in American no doubt adopted their moves.

The dancer that stood out the most in the group was high school junior Tyree Shanklin. I loved his enthusiasm as he popped and jerked to the music. I smiled from ear to ear when he said that he loves the group and they loved him. That's all black youth need, folks--is love.

I'm so happy and proud for this dance company as well as the parents. I don't want to leave them out because I'm sure they have their job of staying on top of things, such as making sure their kids have good grades (I hope), bringing them to practice, and just generally making sure the kids have everything they need in order to succeed.

With all of the violence going on currently in Chicago, we need programs like these to continue to flourish. The Empire Dance Company would love to receive your donations and contributions.

For more information, please follow them on Facebook. Because there are dance companies with the same name, make sure you see this logo, for the right one.



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