Toxic People Are Bad For Your Health And Spirit

Toxic People Are Bad For Your Health And Spirit

Only experience will tell you that toxic people are bad for your health and spirit. Everyone at one time has catered to, or tolerated a toxic person.

A toxic person is one who sucks the life out of you, draining your spirit. This is the person you eventually hate to see coming, or see their name or number on your caller ID.

This is the person who makes your stomach churn or your flesh crawl, just by hearing the sound of their name. You feel this way because they have become nothing but takers and never give anything in return.

It's not that you are looking for anything in return, but it's annoying to see that they are always barking up your tree for their needs and desires.

So, who is to blame for this? You are! You have created this monster over time with your kindness that they have taken for granted. It was hard for you to say no because you cared for them or loved them so much.

No matter how hard you tried to ignore them, you couldn't. If you did muster the courage to say no, you felt guilty. So, what's the solution to this? Let God remove this person from your life! He is the only one who can do it.

The scenario I just explained happened to me. A person who I love so much is giving me the cold shoulder. After all I have done for this person over the years, they are upset at me over something so petty that is even not my fault.

God saw that enough is enough for my health's sake. Obviously, that person didn't care about my health or well being but God does. God is giving me a jump start on the new year, by hopefully allowing me to bring it in peacefully.

This person has not called me since Thanksgiving. I thought I would be hurt but I'm actually relieved. I'm resting much better as my phone is not ringing like crazy, so that's a major plus.

Stress is the number one trigger for a lupus flare up in my case. Although I cannot avoid all stress, at least this toxic person is off the list. My job now is to keep the toxin away.

Next challenge: Getting rid of toxic foods.

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