Oprah's 'Bold Moves' App Is Fun And Encouraging

Oprah's 'Bold Moves' App Is Fun And Encouraging

I downloaded Oprah's Bold Moves app this morning on my tablet and was very impressed. So far, I'm finding the app to be fun and encouraging.

Based on the ads I've been seeing about Bold Moves, I wondered what would make this puzzle different from any other. To me, the difference is the serenity of it all.

From the music and scenery, it puts you in a calm place. Moreover, this app has selections of themes you want to solve. For example, if you're thinking about happiness, click on the Happiness theme.

Each stage in that category will offer the chance to solve an encouraging quote, by some of the world's greatest thought leaders and celebrities.

I was in the mood for the Aspirations theme. This category revealed so many encouraging quotes, something that I needed to know. The quotes in the Aspirations theme has encouraged me to continue to press on in my journey of creating the career I want.

Bold Moves is an app you can play while having a cup of tea. There are no loud bells and whistles here. I highly believe that Oprah had this concept in mind before its creation.



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