I Wish That Smokers Cared About Non-Smokers

I Wish That Smokers Cared About Non-Smokers

I really wished that smokers cared about non-smokers. I wish that smokers would realize that not only is the smell of smoke (cigars, cigarettes, pipes, marijuana) annoying, it is really hazardous to the person inhaling it.

Of course, smoking is more dangerous to the individual. They know this and obviously don't care until it's too late. Secondhand smoke is just as deadly, as so many innocent people have developed lung cancer, eventually dying from it.

Every time I think about the danger of secondhand smoke, I think about Dana Reeve. Dana Reeve was the wife of Christopher Reeve, famously known for his role of Superman.

Both were very young when they passed. Christopher passed from spinal cord injury due to a horse riding accident, Dana passed from lung cancer due to secondhand smoke.

Dana never smoked which is what angers me. She must have been in a terrible smoke environment, no doubt from parties during her husband's fame. Still, it's sad that she had to suffer from an illness indirectly.

When I was in school for health science, I created a project titled "The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke." During my research from reputable websites such as the American Lung Association, National Institute of Health and Center of Disease Control, I never knew the depths of what secondhand smoke could do to someone. Not only can secondhand smoke cause cancer, it can cause respiratory problems and allergic symptoms.

I have a neighbor who chain smokes and the smoke comes through my vents. I have two vents--one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom. I feel trapped because the apartments in my building are made the same.

Wherever the smoker goes, it follows me. I don't have proof but I believe it's the neighbor below me because smoke rises. The stench of smoke is heavier in my bedroom and living room, or should I say "our" bedroom and living room.

The smell of cigarette smoke or the stench of it (called third-hand smoke) is horrible, especially first thing in the morning. The stench makes me sneeze and I'm itchy all over. I'm constantly spraying Lysol and when I crack open the window, the stench is worse.

It seems as though my neighbor is smoking while looking out of the window. I know this sounds like I'm being paranoid but the struggle is real.

I complained to management but there is not a smoking ban. Strike one. I can't move because I can't afford it. Strike two. I love my neighborhood because everything I need is close by and transportation is very convenient. Strike three.

Loving where I live is not a strike three of course, but you know what I mean. It's tough when you are in a situation where you are pleased on one hand, but have to suffer on the other.

Such is life.

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