Shopping on holidays is ruining the family structure

I remember when stores were closed on holidays, except for your neighborhood convenience store. You hated to go there because their prices were outrageous. However, you had to go there because you missed one item on your grocery list. You needed this item or else your dish went down the drain.

Nowadays, retail stores are making a killing so to speak, with their advertisements of opening their doors Thanksgiving Day. As if Black Friday wasn't enough, people are willing to rush preparing their dinner and eating it, in hopes of getting a particular item for so called dirt cheap.

My thoughts about this? It's totally ridiculous. I understand that you want to please that special someone but I feel that you don't have to do it at the expense of being rude. It's rude to leave the dinner table of the person who invited you because of your favorite store opening at 6 p.m. It's rude to the spouse or parent who woke up early (or stayed up late) to make your favorite dish.

Because of this retail phenomenon during the holidays, the family structure is diminishing. When I was young, my mom and grandmother comically put people out on Thanksgiving Day, because they stayed too long, aggravating everyone. Now, families everywhere are in a hurry to leave.

There are many factors which lead to the demise of the family structure during the holidays. One major factor of how retail stores are taking advantage of this is from the gentrification of neighborhoods.

New people means new money as this is clearly seen in the Cabrini-Green area, where I once lived. Instead of Cabrini-Green being the Near North side landmark, Target store replaces it as it sits demurely on Larrabee street at Division.

Another factor to the over flooding of stores on holidays is due to entertainment and technology. People are texting now more than ever, even at the dinner table, not to mention checking their email and social media accounts.  There are new gadgets coming out every year and like the new Jordan's, some just have to be the first to have them.

I don't know about you, but I'm staying in like I do every holiday. The older I get, the less patience I have with drama. Twenty years ago or so, I remember standing in line at Toys R Us for the new Tickle Me Elmo for my oldest son. I am proud to say that I did not have to push or shove to get it, nor did I interrupt my holiday meal for it.

I was willing to play Tickle Me Kevin (my son's name) if that was the case.

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