Deadbeat dads are the scum of the earth

I normally don't criticize anyone for the simple fact that it may come back to me. Regarding deadbeat dads though, I believe my critical view of them will get a pass.

I had a court date last week regarding the continuation of child support for my youngest son, who is now 17 years old. Technically or legally, child support stops at the age of 18. In my case, however, my youngest son has autism and by law is allowed an extension of child support after he graduates from high school.

The kicker in this case is that my son is not in a particular grade because he attends a therapeutic school. He is scheduled to be finished in the year 2020. I provided this information to the court and they handed a copy of it to the deadbeat dad, who sat across from me.

If steam could have come out of his ears, it would have. Instead, it came out of his mouth as he complained that he already has two children and he wants the original order enforced. He did state that he does not mind that my son keeps his medical because he needs it.

He received a $20,000 hospital bill from when my son was admitted to an inpatient facility, for a behavior disorder related to autism. Did that prick his heart? I don't think so because he complained about it in the process.

I guess you're wondering why I'm calling him a deadbeat dad since he is paying child support, and has done so for the past 17 years. What makes him a deadbeat is that he had to pay against his will. He is not jail material and cannot afford to be stripped of his driver's license among other things.

He even wrote me a nasty letter in the beginning, expressing his disgust and anger. What makes him a deadbeat is that he deliberately chose not to have anything to do with my son. He has not seen him since he was a baby. Who knows--he may have caught a few glimpses of him via my Facebook photos.

There is still no excuse for why he chooses not to see my son. His family lives down the street from me and has nothing to do with my son as well. What makes him a deadbeat is that he lied in front of the hearing officer claiming that I kept his son from him. He cried out so to speak stating that he didn't see his dad until he was 18 years old.

What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? News flash deadbeat--we are here to discuss your relationship with YOUR son! Your dad chose not to have anything to do with you just like you're choosing not to have anything to do with yours. Geez Louise--get a grip, why don't you?

The hearing officer called his bluff by saying that it's never too late to have a relationship with his son. The deadbeat replied "I don't want to" and I'm wondering "Okay--what are you crying for then?" There was a moment of silence after I let the deadbeat have his say. When I kindly replied to deadbeat "You know that what you're saying is not true", the hearing officer lifted his hand to me as if he was saying "I got this--don't waste your time".

What happened next was truly the hand of God. The court supplied me and the deadbeat with a piece of paper which states the right of a disabled child to receive child support indefinitely. Of course, deadbeat tried to contest it, wanting to get around it. Our meeting could have been over with but we had to stand in front of another judge, which told him the same thing. She said that he will not win because the law is the law.

Being bullheaded and stubborn, deadbeat requested a continuation of this case so he could consult his lawyer. Did that suppose to intimidate me? Well, it didn't. Deadbeat could try to raise Johnnie Cochran from the dead to represent him and he would still lose.

Unfortunately, we are scheduled to come back in January, wasting my time as well as the court's time. It's silly on deadbeat's end to spend his money on a lawyer that's going to lose. You would think that he would come to his senses and save his money, since his goose is cooked.

I really don't have to show up to court because I have that legal clause backing me up. I will show up though because deadbeat is shady and I'm anticipating what he is going to do next.

To the parents of disabled children who are receiving child support, be rest assured. Below is the legal clause that protects us:

Legal Disability Clause

The only thing that some of us have to do is to be cautious of the safety of our child. With all of the violence going on in the city of Chicago, we really do not know the mindset of the angry deadbeat dad. Inform the school about your wishes of who you would allow to get your child out of school. Make sure they have your permission first. My radar is definitely on alert.

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