Pacific Heights Revisited: My Annoying Neighbor

If anyone remember the 90s movie Pacific Heights starring Melanie Griffith, Michael Keaton and Matthew Modine, you're in good company. This film portrays Keaton being the neighbor from hell, causing chaos by destroying the apartment that Griffith and Modine did not rent to him. Other neighbors had complained about him and each time Griffith or Modine would knock on Keaton's door, he would never answer.

I mention this film because it is my current life. I have a neighbor who chain smokes cigarettes and it's driving me crazy. I asked security if they would kindly knock on their door to see if the smoke is indeed coming from their apartment. On numerous occasions I would get the same result--no one ever answer.  I wrote a friendly anonymous letter and slipped it under their door--still no answer.

I spoke with the building's manager about telling the tenants in a newsletter to consider their neighbors when they're smoking. Still no luck. With the tough economy, I guess management does not want to lose tenants if they tell them they cannot smoke. They believe as long as it's not marijuana smoke, it's okay. In almost every case, the landlord or manager does not live on the property so they could really care less.

Don't think I'm psychotic when I say that it seems as though every room I go to in my apartment, the smoke fumes follow me. I'm sure that's because of the vents I have. The person doing the smoking is mainly in the living room or the bedroom because the fumes are stronger in these areas.

Products such as Febreze and others are making a killing off of me. You would be surprised at how much money I spend each year on air fresheners. I should contact Procter & Gamble suggesting I be their spokesperson for their products.

For those of you who smoke, please consider your neighbors if you live in an apartment building. No one is asking you not to smoke because it's your choice if you want to damage your lungs and everything else. Just like you are enjoying your freedom to smoke, we non-smokers have the right to enjoy inhaling clean air as well.

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