What does 47 feel like?

It's been three days since my 47th birthday and I admit that being 47 does not seem old anymore. Being 47 appeared old through my lens back then because of they way people carried themselves. Times were tough as there were limited resources on self care/help. I'm not a grandparent yet like most of my friends my age but if I were, I would not appear broken down like those of old.

Thankfully for me and others my age, we have a better variety of clothes to wear and have more control of our health. I remember vividly my mom, grandmother, and other women in the neighborhood where I grew up wearing dusters and house shoes (slippers) as a fashion statement. June Cleaver to them was an absolute joke.

Like them, however, I now find myself the target of advertisements for the latest household cleaning product and over-the-counter pain medication. The other thing I noticed about myself since I entered my 40s was the change in my lifestyle habits. My diet has changed as fast food made a drastic exit in my life. I'm now searching for an appropriate side dish for my meat entree. Uncle Ben's sits demurely on the grocery store shelf awaiting my arrival.

I'm buying more fruits and vegetables and because I gave up driving a year ago, I've lost weight because I walk more. My weight loss has caused a few things on my body to go south, so I have to tone up to avoid looking like a burlap sack. I may not know what 47 is supposed to feel like but the shift in my lifestyle choices is definitely going in the right direction.

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