I live with two men

My sons Kevin (21) and Kameron (16) had birthdays this week. While they come across as babies, they are actually young men going through hormonal changes that I don't understand because I'm obviously not a man. Kevin, like his dad, has an eye for beauty as he told me the other day that the female stylist who cut his hair "looks good too". Kameron still has his autistic behavioral moments of frustration, unable to express himself verbally. He gets my attention by hitting the wall or his head. Thankfully, however, my sons have come a long way as I have vivid recollections of playing referee between them.

I'm also thankful for the fact that their disabilities (both have different forms of autism) prevents them from being entangled in gang activity, being sexually active, or abusing drugs and alcohol. I won't say that they are exempt from these things because there are cases where some young people with disabilities are affected in these activities. Their surroundings are not great, exposing them to this lifestyle. Their caregivers either don't have the resources needed to help them or they are frustrated and give up altogether. I know firsthand how frustrating it is to raise children with disabilities, especially as a single parent. It takes patience and perseverance or the situation will break you.

So--what does the future hold for the two men I live with? Kevin is currently working and because he comes from a lineage of men who have a great work ethic, he will have his job for a long time (unless the economy says otherwise). Kameron is in a great place now as his educational and other needs are being met in a therapeutic setting. As far as my needs are concerned, they are often overlooked but I manage to keep it together by engaging myself in constructive activities pleasing to me.

In spite of popular beliefs, women are usually the glue which keeps men intact. The saying "Behind every successful man is a woman" rings true, which my two men will soon attest.

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