What's Love Got to Do with It?

Love is a very simple word that is easy to spell and pronounce--but why is it so hard for some people to do? Correction--it's not hard to love someone, as long as they love you in return. But what about that obnoxious scoundrel that gets under your skin? Or, that Judas Iscariot in the flesh? Even Jesus asked "For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye?" (Matthew 5:46) My interpretation of this is what will you gain from it? Yet, until this day for some, the act of loving someone unfavorable continues to be a challenge.

Everyone (including me) would like to think they're lovable and it will be put to the test. In fact, everything you think you have mastered will be put to the test. The subject of love, however, is that touchy-feely emotion that makes us vulnerable. Some people have loved someone who eventually hurt their feelings. Because it wasn't dealt with properly, the offended person becomes a recluse, shutting out the real people who care about them. They are so focused on their hurt feelings that they become imprisoned mentally. They avoid reaching out again and eventually become cold-hearted themselves.

What happens when there is no love in the spiritual realm? Isn't that where love should burst out at the seams--in church? I heard a sermon from a minister who declared that his feelings were often hurt by fellow Christians, other than those in the secular realm. In fact, he mentioned that's where most of his blessings flowed. This is not unbelievable since there are several scriptures in the bible encouraging Christians to befriend sinners, as they may contain the blessing they need.

Nonetheless, it's never too late to make amends. I understand that everyone comes from different walks of life, with some having a hard-knocks kind of life, not experiencing affection. They may not know how to give something they never had. The fact remains is that no one is exempt from loving and being loved. It's all about how you deal with that ball when it's in your court.

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