The countdown to your car being towed

Starting December 1st, the city of Chicago is prepared to tow vehicles on major avenues and other restricted parking streets, between the hours of 3am-7am. To add insult to injury, this will last until April 1st. This tidbit of information shouldn't be a surprise if you've lived in Chicago for any length of time. However, there are hundreds of cars towed every year on December 1st, with vehicle owners appearing flabbergasted.

My warning may be recognized for a brief stint and may also be forgotten after a few days. To make sure you don't sweep this under the rug, I'll help you remember by providing a few hard and cold facts: Tow-$150, Ticket-$50, Storage-per-day fee-$10.

Every year, there is a debate between the violator and the 311 agent about what is considered December 1st. They know that midnight constitutes another day but they try to weasel out of it as much as possible. The actual problem is that November has 30 days and December 1st always creep up on them, along with the rest of the world.

Then, there are the violators who have nothing but money to burn, not regarding the costly trio. These fit in the category of party-goers and bar-hoppers, too drunk to realize the tow ordinance, or even care for that matter. These are the people I see walking over to the taxicab stand, instructing the driver to send them to the auto pound designated to the tow area. The driver is happy to oblige, as they have been eagerly waiting for them.

Yes--December 1st through April 1st is a very lucrative season for the city of Chicago and taxicab drivers. It would be lucrative for me too, if I could obtain the phone numbers of the violating party-goers and bar-hoppers in my neighborhood. For a small fee, I would call them, letting them know to come move their cars.

Sing along with me: "Do the Hustle--do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do..."

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