Here comes the judge

Here comes the judge was a hilarious skit featuring Sammy Davis Jr. Today, we have a slew of judges craving our attention on a variety of court shows. The People's Court is the granddaddy of them all as it still reigns supreme by viewers. Judge Marilyn Milian carries a great torch as she fills the seat originally warmed by Judge Joseph A. Wapner. Before Judge Milian, there was Mr. Judge Judy, or should I respectfully say Judge Jerry Sheindlin and former New York mayor Ed. Koch. Judge Wapner was tough to crack as he was no-nonsense and I'm sure the producers of this show sought out someone with the same personality.

Speaking of Judge Judy, she has a very low tolerance for fools as she makes this known to her viewers. Her demeanor is sharp and snappy and you'd better have all of your ducks in a row before you even consider having your case heard in her courtroom.  Judge Joe Brown joins this rank as well, as his key phrase is "If you listen, you may learn something!" Judge Joe Brown tops it off by turning sideways in his chair, symbolizing that your case is just about over and taps his gavel ever so softly.

Judge Greg Mathis hails from Detroit, Michigan along with Paternity Court's judge Judge Lauren Lake. Judge Mathis repeatedly tells his viewers about his tough life in Detroit in order to hopefully get into the minds of troubled youth. Judge Mathis sometimes go overboard when he talks about how the women in Detroit will cut their men if they're angry at them. I can relate to what he's saying because I'm from the Cabrini-Green housing projects and saw a fight or two between a man and his woman. I just hope for Judge Mathis' sake that the "civil" women of Detroit is not upset by his friendly stereotype of them.

Judge Lauren Lake of Paternity Court has apparently put talk show host Maury Povich out of business. Maury Povich is the godfather of paternity tests who wowed his viewers with his famous "You-Are-Not-The-Father" verdict. Mothers would cry and those who are not the father would dance and act a fool. Paternity Court is less "ghetto-fab" but has its occasional nit-wits.

My apologies if I didn't mention your favorite tv judge. Please feel free to add the ones I've missed!

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