Reality shows are going too far: Preachers of LA

Preachers of LA is a new reality show coming soon on Oxygen, home of the most obnoxious reality shows. What turns me off about this program is that it gives a distorted view of Christianity. The participants of this show may think they are doing the public a favor by exposing the nitty-gritty lifestyle of a preacher. Most members of mega churches no doubt assume their leaders live a lavish lifestyle from the way they dress, car they drive, etc.

Preachers of LA does expose this in a greater way but it appears to me that the preachers are somewhat boasting about it. One commercial clip shows a preacher testifying that it's hard to live up to everyone's expectations and I agree that's true. However, if you believe you are called to do something such as being a religious leader, I'm sure that God will give you what you need to fulfill your position.

One member of a particular LA church on this show complained about their pastor, saying they do not approve of their pastor's arrogant attitude concerning his wealth. In addition, the member makes the statement of not being sure if they want to be a part of that church or the pastor leading them anymore.

Unfortunately, there are so many people who belong to churches not satisfied with their leader's behavior, yet they still attend. I'm all for prosperity so don't get me wrong. The reproach is that the church world should be separate from the secular world in their deeds and behavior. It supposed to be a distinction as years ago someone can tell right away the difference between a Christian and non-Christian. If you own a lot of bling as a Christian, it shouldn't be flaunted as if you are in a rap or R&B video.

As a Christian, I'm appalled at this show as people who don't know any better will think this is another form of comedy, thus not having the proper respect for the people of God.  Tyler Perry's Madea character makes mockery of the church world as she makes wisecracks about church people, causing everyone to laugh. It's blasphemy really, as the character continuously use the Lord's name in vain, something that The Ten Commandments given by God instructs us not to do (Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. Exodus 20:7).

What's funny (not comical) is that every time someone does something they know they shouldn't, the scripture "Judge not, that ye be not judged" (St. Matthew 7:1) is often quoted. One of the preachers shown quoted this scripture when people criticized him for what he was doing. The commercial clip even flashed this scripture across the screen as a subliminal message to us all.

Bottom Line: We're all humans who must give an account to God concerning our actions and decisions. I just hope my decision not to watch Preachers of LA is not frowned upon. I'm sure that God will appreciate me for not giving this show any ratings.

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