It's that easy, Morty

I'm like a kid in the candy department of a store when it comes to cleaning products. I love to clean and when I noticed my favorite Swiffer product on sale, I lit up like a Christmas tree! I know how Lee and Morty Kaufman (the elderly husband and wife team of the Swiffer products commercial) felt when they opened up the Swiffer products box left on their doorstep. Lee was more excited than anything and Morty was pleased to see that she was excited. One commercial of them even showed him snoozing while Lee cleaned, as she chattered away. I guess Morty was relieved to see his aging wife not struggling anymore to clean, putting his mind at rest. I was relieved too, when I saw that she was trying to use a step ladder to dust and her frail hands to wring out a mop.

When I first bought my Swiffer duster and saw how it picked up dust, an obsession began. The duster refills come with 10 in a box and within an hour or so I went through the entire box. Was I attracted to the bright yellow and lightweight handle of the duster? Or, was it because the refills came in my favorite Febreze scent of Gain?

I have two boys which is reason enough to maintain a clean and fresh smelling apartment. Back then, bleach was the answer (and still is to an extent) for all of my cleaning needs. I would use it in my dish water (yes, I still wash by hand) to keep my towels clean and sanitized, not to mention my whites and of course the toilet and floors. Bleach manufacturers now give consumers the option of buying bleach with scents such as lemon and flowers. Personally, I prefer the standard scent of bleach as that smell assures you that your product is clean after using it.

Why is this important? Because a clean home environment creates a less-stressful mood. Dirt and clutter smothers you in the long run. There is a reality show dedicated to hoarders that sickens me to watch. The glimpse I get from the commercial is enough for me. Depression is usually the root cause of hoarders so getting some reality team to clean up for them is only temporary, especially if they don't get the proper counseling to see what started it in the first place.

I admit that in spite of all of my cleaning, I probably won't pass the white glove inspection given by the United States Marines. But I do guarantee that once you cross my threshold, you will know that I have been bitten by the Swiffer products bug.

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