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Marjorie and MomRight Before My Eyes is a Facebook page created by my good friend Marjorie L. Tatum. Tatum vividly describes her views in addition to providing websites regarding elder abuse and how it is affecting her mom. Ruth Evelyn Tatum is 84 years old. When I first visited this page, I was very impressed. My parents have a long way to go before this becomes a concern of mine (they are both 67 years old) but this page is very informative as it prepares me what to look for, should I suspect my parents are being taken advantage of.

Whenever we hear the word abuse, the physical aspect comes to mind. This may be true of the elderly, especially if they are nursing home residents. Injuries and bed sores are common and is a form of neglect if a nursing home does not have adequate personnel. Tatum never suspect that her mom is being physically abused; however, she see signs of mental, emotional, and financial abuse brought on her mom by one of her siblings. This abuse is happening "right before her eyes", hence the page's title. Tatum hopes to enlighten the general public about this, as she welcomes readers to "Like" and make comments on the page.

Like lupus, being elderly is another epidemic that is swept under the rug. The elderly are a group of people that no one wants to be bothered with. Some may think they are too much to handle, as some elders may be stubborn and set in their ways. The elders in this category are so used to being independent that they do not want to burden anyone. The elders who are dependent on others run the risk of being taken advantage of because of their mental frailty.

When I was growing up, the elderly were the most respected age group. They were looked upon as being wise and the adopted parents of many. In other countries, the elderly are still highly thought of. Unfortunately in America, the elderly are looked upon as easy targets, especially by caregivers without altruistic intentions.

For more information regarding elder abuse, please call 311 to be connected to the Illinois Department of Aging. Meanwhile, please visit Right Before My Eyes via Facebook.


Marjorie L. Tatum thanks you!


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