I'm Having Their Baby

Oxygen is the cable channel that hosts the most silly reality shows. I'm usually happy to bypass this station as it's really annoying to see commercial clips of Bad Girls Club et al. Snapped is interesting to watch as it satisfies my love for documentaries and suspense. I'm Having Their Baby is a self-explanatory show about a pregnant mother's decision to give away her child. The reasons can range from the mom not being financially able to care for the child, helping a couple with fertility issues, and more commonly, same-sex couples who of course biologically together cannot produce children.

This morning for some reason, I decided to leave the station on Oxygen to watch this program. What caught my attention is that a woman named Alysia who has lupus, decided to give her child up for adoption for health reasons. I'm sure that giving your child up for adoption is a tough decision regardless of any circumstance. Even the incarcerated drug addict has emotional feelings in having to hand their child over to the state, unless a next-of-kin or someone else is willing to step up to gain custody.

Alysia's story was touching because not only did she give her newborn over to the adoptive parents, she had to live with the fact that her other children will not grow up with their sibling. It was touching to see her children crying about her decision but they totally understood. Alysia's daughter was more concerned that Alysia would get sick because of her lupus but she comforted her daughter by telling her that she will be fine. Sniff-sniff.

When you have a chronic disease like lupus, you have to keep a stiff upper lip when you are in pain and discomfort. My family (mom in particular) gets really emotional regarding my well-being because they saw me at my worst in 2006 when I was at death's door. Currently, my lupus is stabilized and other than the little bouts of fatigue that it brings, I am otherwise okay.

Thankfully, I'm not in a situation like Alysia's but I do have to monitor those things that are detrimental to lupus such as stress and overexertion. I am not sure if I had lupus when I was pregnant with my boys but I do realize now that God would not put more on me than I could bear--no pun intended.

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