What about me? What about me? Happy Mother's Day!

I love Joyce Meyer's rendition of "What about me? What about me?" She says this and moves across her stage in a robotic fashion. Of course she's no match for MJ (Michael Jackson) but for someone her age (she's near 70 I think), she does a good job.

For us lupie moms, everyday is Mother's Day as our ailments does not exclude us from cooking, cleaning, and attending to our children. We have also allowed ourselves to become modern day Ann Landers and Dear Abbys, giving our listening ears to others or giving advice.

We need those things too, but because most of us look great on the outside, what we are going through mentally and emotionally goes undetected. We all can be candidates for "Iyanla, Fix My Life", so if anyone knows her personally, tell her that I asked

"What About Me?"

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