Confessions of a Bonifide Drug User

Years before I had lupus, an ex-boyfriend called me a "drug store junkie" because of my constant use of over-the-counter drugs. Any form of pain or insomnia, I found myself reaching for pain relievers and sleep medications. Now, I'm a prescription drug head because of the many lupus medications I'm using.

My first experience as a drug user was an informed decision but now I need my medications if I want to stay alive and healthy. I have a bucket full of medications for lupus on my kitchen table that I have to take, and believe me, it's a tedious daily task. I'm beyond the holistic approach to medicine as I have too many traditional medicines in my system to quit cold turkey. If I thought about taking the holistic approach, I would have to incorporate it into my regimen.

Ironically, most medications are derived from plants and most physicians in the Western region of the globe know of herbal cures but do not or will not tell you, lest they become panhandlers like the rest of us. Medical marijuana is a big topic now but it's no surprise to me; I come from a family where marijuana was a way of life and they were the most healthiest people.

I'm not advocating marijuana or any other herbal drug remedy with euphoric qualities but I will suggest for us lupies to do what's best for us and stick with it.

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