Bored? Educate Yourself!

Nothing beats boredom than finding that niche in life and working with it. For me, education has always been an outlet, whether formal or informal. My love for education started in grammar school where my school had reading programs such as Reading is Fundamental (RIF) and my fourth grade teacher made my class gather together in a circle to read in the afternoon. My teacher named our session "Stop and Read" and the RIF program came by my school to drop off books of various subjects to choose from. I had a revelation then that there are incentives in getting an education. My fourth grade teacher would hand out paper dollars for good deeds and at the end of the week they could be exchanged for candy she stored in her classroom closet. I remember helping a classmate pronounce a word correctly, not expecting anything, but she handed me a paper dollar for it!

Educating yourself in any form stimulates the brain although your body may be immobile. However, once you get excited about learning something new, it somehow gets you moving physically. The great thing about education is that it is never too late to learn. No one ever gets to an age where they have learned everything; even those with street smarts still have some "game" they are not familiar with and need to learn!

The best thing for those of us with lupus is to get educated about it. It takes more than following doctors orders and taking medications; this in itself should cause us to do research on our own because we are in control of our bodies and what we put into it. Thanks to technology, there are countless ways to educate ourselves whereas in times past, we would have spent tedious hours at the library looking through gigantic encyclopedias and physician desk references. In addition, there were not many cure options if at all.

Let's utilize our time today by getting more informed about lupus and while we're at it, POP--Put On Purple!

*May 17 is Put On Purple Day for Lupus

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