The price you pay for using morphine and other opioids

Yesterday marked exactly one week I’ve been home from the hospital from a dreadful lupus flare up. My joints and muscles were very cruel to me as my pain level stayed at number 10. Since that was the case, I was given 5mg. of Norco every four hours to no avail. My doctor stayed in... Read more »

Black History Month comes to an end but its people shouldn't

For years, some people have wondered why Black History Month is celebrated in February, the shortest month of the year. When I was growing up, that didn’t matter because it was celebrated intensively in the grammar school I attended. From plays to essays, everyone had to participate. Celebrating Black History Month was a lot of... Read more »

A dreadful start to my new year, but it's okay

After 3 ER visits and 2 hospital stays (one good, one bad), I was diagnosed as having DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and anemia brought on by lupus. I endured blood transfusions, a CT scan, EKG, X-rays and a colonoscopy and they came back normal. The blood transfusions were performed due to an extremely low hemoglobin... Read more »

My rotten hospital stay

Last Friday, I went to the ER, thinking I was going to be treated and released. I had another lupus flare which left me in excruciating pain. The thing about lupus is that a flare up can strike at anytime. A flare up usually left me weak but lately it has been attacking me physically.... Read more »

Benzo dependence

If you were prescribed a medication with the suffix -pam, run for the hills. Medications with this suffix are a part of a class of drugs called benzodiazepines, or benzos for short. Benzos are usually prescribed for anxiety but have other uses as well such as insomnia and other disorders. Because of its sedating effect,... Read more »

How to lose weight without trying

We all would love to lose weight without trying, especially those of us with a slow metabolism. Other medical problems get in the way such as thyroid issues and other causes such as genetics. My weight has fluctuated over the years as I am so-called big boned. Controlling my weight has definitely been a challenge... Read more »

The show must go on

It’s been extremely cold for the past few days and the children have been out of school. The show must go on. I’m having terrible arthritis in my hands and it’s a challenge to use my hands freely. The show must go on. My appetite has been wishy-washy due to a terrible cold I have... Read more »

I'm still being nagged at 47

I’m what you would call a true Chicagoan, born and bred. I’ve seen a few mango seasons but mostly horrific winters. I remember the blizzard of 1977 and remember my mom telling me about the one in 1967 (the year I was born) when everyone was shut in and more women got pregnant. What’s the... Read more »

Adversity can be a good thing

No one likes adversity but when the smoke clears, you’re thankful for it. No one likes adversity as some may think they are reaping what they’ve sown. Sometimes this is true but it still works out for your good. At least you know next time not to do it again. No one likes adversity because... Read more »

Sending your kids back to school with a vengeance

Whew! I made it through two weeks of winter break without a scratch. Parents–this is the last weekend where we can allow our children to bounce off the walls among other things because back to school they go on Monday, January 5, 2015. Ahhh, that has such a sweet sound. I believe my youngest son... Read more »