Renteria just needs to do his job

Renteria just needs to do his job

Rick Renteria will be officially introduced to Cubdom this weekend at the annual Cubs convention.

This morning the new skipper was reintroduced to an old narrative.

Renteria was questioned during an interview on how he would be different from the managers that have failed before him.

Oh Rick, how will you ever be different from Dusty Baker and Lou Piniella?

What do you people want Renteria to say? That he is going to dress up in a bear suit with no pants?

Apparently these previous managers rode into town with answers in hand, and then left beaten down, bewildered, and defeated. It seems the throwback facet of the Chicago media really likes the angle. The Cubs job will crush you.

Let's face it, Baker wasn't cut out for the Chicago media. Piniella was transitioning into retirement half way through his time here. Besides, they both had some success here, mind you.

Do some actually believe it is going to take a "chosen one" manager to win the World Series and vanquish the 100 year old demons?

Come on, don't be silly, we already have Theo for that.

What will make you special Rick?

How about he does his job? The guy was brought in specifically to develop the young talent. If he does that, they just might win, and win big.

That will be special.

That really is the only way for Renteria to be different.

Oh, and he shouldn't say "dude" or stammer a lot.

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    I'm optimistic on the Cubs future, period and the hiring of Renteria did nothing to change that. Your absolutely right when you say it is the upcoming talent, not the manger that is going to win a Championship or not. It will be up to Renteria to help mold some of that young talent, but ultimately it is up to the players. Having said that, hopefully Cubs fans understand that every top prospect they have is not going to develop into an All-Star and some will never amount to anything, because that is just the way it is.
    I know that nobody wants to hear it, but Renteria just needs to be given time and in 3 years if the Cubs are not in a much better place, then it will be time for the next new Cubs manager. As for 2014, anything better than a last place finish is icing on the cake.

  • In reply to Richard Madsen:

    I like the Renteria hiring more everyday. It's all about developing the kids. He supposedly is good at that.

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    In reply to Tom Loxas:

    I like the hiring or Renteria much more than I would have liked the hiring of AJ Hinch or Manny Acta. I have to admit that I was one of the fans that really wanted the Cubs to find a way to get Girardi to Chicago, but I was also happy that out of the other canidates they went with Renteria. I just hope the fans give him a chance.

  • Hi Tom,

    I love your site and stop by every day to see if you've posted anything new. It's been a month... everything OK?

  • Hey Boogens; I did too stop by and check. Please see him and a fine set of contributors over at Cubs Insider! Joe

  • In reply to rickmonday:

    Thanks, rickmonday! I wasn't aware of the Cubs Insider site.

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