Fister return should have no effect on Samardzija trade market

Fister return should have no effect on Samardzija trade market

Will the lackluster return the Detroit Tigers received for Doug Fister have a negative effect on the Jeff Samardzija trade market?

Not at all, say multiple industry sources.

Many around the league still see the Cubs moving Samardzija soon. Those I have spoken with see the Tigers maneuver as a roster and future money move to get something else potentially done. The Tigers, I’m told, were only willing to deal Fister to a NL club that wouldn’t ask for any money coming back.

Fister is a solid pitcher, a guy who fits in as a #3 type. How does he stack up with Samardzija? I spoke with an AL exec today that said it’s not really that close on who most in the league would prefer.

“Any team would rather move forward with the potential in Samardzija's arm”, he says.

He says up to 10 teams covet Samardzija, and agrees with the premise the Cubs are looking at at least 2 years down the line by dealing “Shark”.

“Theo knows he needs to add some arms to the nice stable of young bats he has. Trading Samardzija is a good way to accomplish that”.

As for whether the Cubs will likely deal Samardzija soon? I'm told Samardzija may want to compete sooner than the Cubs timetable, and that may heavily factor in on why he won't come to the table on an extension.

It sounds as if Samardzija may get his chance to compete sooner somewhere else.

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  • The only impact that deal had on Shark IMO, was it effectively took the Nats out of consideration. Which sucks because I've developed a bit of a man crush on Giolito...

    Tom, do your sources say anything about whether or not this FO would prefer to keep him, vs trade him?

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Keep, but at their price and years. Samardzija simply not willing to do that.

  • fb_avatar

    The Fister trade hurts but it doesn’t completely reset Shark’s market value.

    It’s like real estate. If your house is on the market for $300,000 and the house down the street sells for $150,000 in foreclosure it’s not helpful but you can usually point to other homes that have sold for at or near your asking price.

    The Fister trade is a “comp” but not the new standard. If that were the case no one would trade another starter this off season.

  • In reply to Pooch7171:

    Good points pooch.

  • In reply to Pooch7171:

    Well put

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