Cutler/McCown: In Trestman I trust

Cutler/McCown: In Trestman I trust

Can Marc Trestman really go back to Jay Cutler this Sunday?

It seems he will do just that if Cutler is cleared to play.

It's a bit of a risky move. Trestman knows the Bears will need to win out to have a shot at the playoffs. Will he put the team’s fate in the hands of a rusty, possibly still dinged up QB? Trestman just got over “Second-downgate". A week ago, some wanted Trestman run out of town. Now everyone instead is raving about his vaunted offense being good enough to be run by a journeyman signal caller.

Should Trestman risk losing the momentum from Monday night’s dismantling of the Cowboys by Josh McCown and his ready for primetime offense on national television? If Cutler struggles and costs the Bears, does Trestman risk losing the locker room?

The answer to this was much easier for me prior to the Dallas game. If there was one knock left on McCown, it was that the offense wasn't scoring enough points. That wasn't a problem Monday night.

Sure, Cutler could still be experiencing the growth that was evident earlier in the year under Trestman. Yet, McCown is supporting the argument the Bears may not need to take that $12-15 millionish per year risk that Cutler becomes the impact QB many think he can still be. This isn't about Cutler vs McCown. It's what McCown has been able to do in this system that factors in.

Also factor in that Cutler has become injury prone, and does Phil Emery really want to invest long-term in a guy that still poses question marks both mentally and physically?

There are so many varying opinions I took in today. However, the only opinion that matters to me is that of Trestman. I fully buy into his QB assessment expertise. If Trestman truly thinks Cutler can be that guy that wins you a Super Bowl, I’m in. Otherwise, I’m ready to deal Cutler and let Trestman pick his next QB from a supposedly deep draft.

Ian Rappaport of NFL Network told the “Waddle and Silvy Show” Monday that the Bears could get themselves a #1 and possibly another pick for Cutler if they opt to franchise tag and trade him. Again, I have little doubt Trestman could still do wonders with Cutler. Yet, given all the Bears needs on the defensive side of the ball, Emery doesn't sound like he wants the option of tagging his QB.

After Monday night, it appears the Bears may have more answers than questions about this issue. Like I was told today;

“Cutler is still their guy, but it just got real interesting”.

Meanwhile, you can listen to Chicago sports radio, filled with people trying to solve this quandary.

I'll hang up and listen to Trestman's answer.

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  • "Meanwhile, you can listen to Chicago sports radio, filled with people trying to solve this quandary."

    About 11:00 a.m. Thursday, I got real bored that this was the only thing on sports radio.

    Maybe Monday, Hawks talk will come back (after the mandatory dose of Bears Monday).

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