Cubs receiving interest in Vogelbach prior to winter meetings

Cubs receiving interest in Vogelbach prior to winter meetings

I recently posed the question, if the Cubs were to deal Jeff Samardzija, would they be effectively moving the timeline back for competing?

The answer I have gotten unequivocally is yes. Any trade of a player who was previously viewed as part of the core would be taking a step back. In addition to that, everything I have heard recently leads me to believe the Cubs now view 2016 (as opposed to previous guesses of 2014 or '15) as a year they can actually make some hay.

Sure, things can still accelerate, but the plan seems to have moved back a bit with the Wrigley rehab still tied up in red tape.

With that premise in mind, players like Nate Scheirholtz and Edwin Jackson could be on the table at the upcoming winter meetings. The Cubs are still in search for young pitching and that is what they require in any deal for the aforementioned players.

I'm told that in the case the Cubs can strike big for a young upper echelon arm and they have to kick in a prospect, the names that would likely go would be Dan Vogelbach or even Jorge Soler. I hear among the teams that have already expressed interest in Vogelbach include the Rays, Marlins, Brewers, Yankees, and Rockies.

I'm sure the front office is in no hurry to deal any prospects. Yet, some opportunities may present themselves at the meetings for the Cubs to make multiple impact moves.

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    I'd hate to see Dan get traded so soon. They guy ended the year at Daytona. The return can't be huge unless he is part of a much bigger package, imo.....

  • In reply to bocabobby:

    That's a likely scenario IMO.

  • I'm ready for the winter meetings Tom. Need some action soon. Do you expect the Cubs to make a lot of moves during the meetings?

  • In reply to Joshnk24:

    Not Tom but I think they will be pretty active.

  • In reply to KGallo:

    That's what I'm hoping for. Thanks Kevin

  • In reply to KGallo:

    Agreed, need to get pitching.

  • If the Cubs move Samardzija, it may move the timeline back a year or more or not at all depending on who they get back. Same goes for Edwin Jackson, though to a lesser extent, and also depending on who they get in return.

    Samardzija is signed through 2015. It is likely, depending on trades, signings, etc., that the best the Cubs could hope for next year is to be around .500. In 2015, the very best case scenario, again depending on trades and signings, would be to contend for a playoff spot. There is not a high probability that the Cubs will be World Series ready in 2015. So if Samardzija is traded for a prospect with TOR potential and a high floor/likelihood of reaching that potential who was in High-A or AA last season, and they don't have a major setback, it would be predictable that they would be in the major league rotation by 2015 or 2016. In that scenario, the timeline of the rebuild wouldn't be altered that much, if at all. So it really does depend on who they get in return for Shark. If the prospect isn't a TOR type or is further away, then yes.

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    If they trade Samardzija it gives them more of a leeway on their prospects. If they keep Samardzija it may force the issue because they now gave a Pitcher in his prime they have built around and dont want to waste time. Like you said if they get a TOR pitcher in +A or AA then it may push it a year or two, but that gives there position prospects a little more time.

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    Yes I'm ok with that plan. Doesn't seem they will be able to add much so stick with kids for now.

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    In reply to Quedub:

    moving the date back to 2016? BOYCOTT WRIGLEY FIELD till we get a winner !!!!

  • As for moving Vogelbach, I believe he is on the verge of a breakout season. He worked diligently on going up the middle and to the opposite field last season. He also improved his plate discipline. He should be a much more well-rounded (pun intended) hitter going into 2014 than he was coming into last year.

    If they're going to trade him, the team they're trading with should be willing to give the Cubs the kind of value they'd be getting if he already had that breakout season, otherwise, why would the Cubs trade him now when they could get more for him in 9 months.

    I'm not saying the Cubs wouldn't trade him this off season, just that they'll be wanting value coming back that is based on likely future performance, not past production.

  • In reply to Quedub:

    Vogelbach is a tricky one it all depends on how it happens. If he is part of a larger deal and it nets them a TOR pitcher then I say yes. If he is traded by himself and only pick a small piece I don't see a point.

  • In reply to KGallo:

    Agreed. However, there is a 3rd possibility. He could be traded by himself (or with another lesser player or prospect) for a good pitching prospect (someone along lines of a Blake Snell). In that case, I'd have to strongly consider it.

  • Surprised to see Soler as a trade piece. It wasn't long ago when he was thought of as having more potential than Cespedes.

    Recently the ESPN Cubs writer, Jesse Rogers, relayed some vague rumors about him. Here's an excerpt from the chat

    Michael Nolte (Little Rock):
    I saw the Mesa Solar Sox this fall and was very impressed with Kris Bryant and most of the Cubs participants, but Jorge Soler struck me as a bit of a Prima Donna that didn't hustle, walked to and from his position between innings, jogged after foul balls that could have been caught if he'd put forth the effirt, I just got a really bad vibe from the guy. Have you heard any concerns about Soler's attitude at this point?

    Jesse Rogers (1:13 PM)
    Yes, I heard the exact same thing s from scouts when I was there...He wasnt in town when I saw them play in-person so I cant say I saw it but enough people said it that I wrote a blog on it...His coaches defended him by saying he was just getting back into shape, etc but not sure that has anything to do with what you;re talking about...he has a little asterik right now...his suspension, benching, etc. have people wondering...until he proves different, its ok to wonder..and remember, he's already been paid

  • In reply to baseballet:

    Do not think he is bait but if they need to part with anyone of the top kids he is the most likely I hear.

  • In reply to baseballet:

    Mr. Nolte's assessment is the exact same thing my dad and I thought when we were in Mesa...lazy, very little effort. It starts in warmups...when they are doing stretching and running...other guys are busting it on, but Jorge was just going through the motions, like he was above doing the menial warmups. That is just the impression we got from his body language. Prima Donna is exactly what we thought.
    I will say this, he made three plays in the field that stood out. The first was on a lazy pop fly into right. He got a HORRIBLE jump on the ball, then didn't make much of an effort to go get it (we were right in front of the play in right field...he gave up too early). The second was a nice running catch into the gap in right center. The third was another lazy pop fly that was litterally 10 feet away from us on the line. He busted his butt getting over to it and laid out for it...and missed it by a good 5 feet...and then busted his butt to get the ball and throw a laser back into the infield to hold the runner to a double (I think anyway...I don't recall the runner getting to third). They struck me because on one play he half asses it, the other two he goes all out...just not consistent. He is also lazy coming out of the box. It was a striking difference between him and Almora. Almora hit a pop up and was nearly on second base when the outfielder caught it because he busted his ass right out of the box. Almost beat out a few grounders for the same reason. Jorge hits a pop up and loafs down the baseline.
    He has the frame to be a monster (man, it was a bit scary seeing Jorge at full speed heading right for us), but without the effort, I don't think he is much more than an average player.

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    In reply to baseballet:

    Soler was still babying the broken leg. He wasn't being lazy.

  • In reply to Mike Partipilo:

    I heard similar complaints about Soler before he was hurt, so its not just that he was babying s broken leg

  • Id prefer to keep Vogelbomb at least 1 more year. First, we need to see who the long-term Anthony Rizzo is. Id also like to see how much progress Soler/Almora make this year. Maybe the NL will adopt the DH, Vogelbombs best position. Ive said before you dont trade top-notch power unless your getting top-notch in return.

  • In reply to mutant beast:

    I think they like Rizzo and would love if NL were to adopt DH at this point.

  • The DH rule will be up for vote in 2 years with the new CBA. I think with the inter league scheduling the way it continues it will be adopted. Vogelbach would be perfect for that obviously. That will also be around the time he should be hitting the bigs. Why not wait it out til then.

  • In reply to Seancicero:

    I apologize for not remembering the source , it was someone on mlb network , but they said there was little or no support for the DH among NL ownership . I would be surprised if we see the DH added anytime soon .

  • In reply to kernzee:

    That's a bummer, though I know not everyone will agree with me on that. I'm okay with the DH and I like the way this FO can find hitters.

  • Well it only helps us, and increases his value if we wait and see what happenes. Let things play out in the minors and take it from there. For a team that has as many problems scoring runs as much as we do we shouldn't jump the gun trading our best hitting prospects. The cubs have been known to trade prospects that haven't hit the majors yet and have come back to bite us in the ass. See Joe Carter!! This kid has Big Pappi written all over him.

  • I used to be anti DH across the board. I've changed completely.

  • In reply to Tom Loxas:

    A bit peripheral to your above topic but with the mentions of the prospects in earlier posts, it reminded me of an opinion that I have, that the FO has been progressing the guys up through the minors rather slowly. Am I correct with that? It seems that these guys are dogmatic about AB's at certain levels, etc.

  • Thought I remembered Soler was supposed to be taking it a little easy coming off the leg injury. I could be wrong though.

  • In reply to Dragonlock:

    That's what I'm thinking too Dragon. Although I think I remember that Soler was benched for not running out a ball. Doesn't necessarily mean he had a problem hustling though, might have been an isolated incident.

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