WBBM, Not WSCR in Mix for Cubs Radio Rights

WBBM, Not WSCR in Mix for Cubs Radio Rights

Earlier we had looked at the possibilities if the Cubs and WGN radio went their separate ways.

I mentioned both WSCR 670 AM and ESPN AM 1000 as possible players for the radio rights in that scenario. However, I am told WSCR and the White Sox are indeed locked into an agreement for at least another three seasons.

Sources had informed me the station would love to drop the Sox in a hurry for the chance to do Cubs games. CBS radio, who owns the Score, still could obtain the Cubs rights and put the broadcasts on WBBM 780 or even 105.9 FM.

At the end of the day, sources figure a WGN and Cubs resolution will likely happen somewhere down the line.

There is a lot invested in the relationship on both ends.

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