Marc Trestman loses game, not my trust

Marc Trestman loses game, not my trust

This one has to be on Marc Trestman.

At the end of the day, I think he will agree and be ok with that. I’m still more than ok with him.

It was an agonizing loss, and there was an agonizing going back and forth through my mind for most of the game. Should Trestman have pulled Jay Cutler and turned things over to Josh McCown?

With the way McCown drove the team down the field in the fourth quarter, it is easy to come up with yes as a conclusion. Yet, I simply wanted to trust Trestman here, he is usually the smartest guy in the room. I wanted to yield to his thought process. He likely will say he was wrong today after viewing the tape, but I liked his conviction.

I also liked the guts Cutler showed. It may have ultimately been foolish but, maybe he was trying to display the leadership many thought he lacked. We may look back and regret this loss even more at the end of the season. Yet, could it solidify Cutler’s grip on this team even as he wondered if he was helping or hurting them?

I still really like what I see each and every Sunday out of Trestman’s tenure thus far. This is a team heading in the right direction. Even the defense is starting to show signs.

Speaking of signs, I was ready to give up on the Bears much-maligned safeties. Yet, Dan Pompei urged me to give some more patience to a Chris Conte. Conte didn’t disappoint. He came up with some big plays and Brad Biggs writes today he should be a building block moving forward.

This season is still one of transition. Trestman is transforming the Bears into a modern team, one that wins games with their offensive talent. It may take a while for Bears fans to get used to. However, it's hard to dispute that is exactly what is happening here.

Let’s also face it; Trestman and Cutler almost pulled this off anyway.

The points left on the field were the real culprit, especially the ones they lost out on after Conte’s potentially game changing interception. We may have been talking today about how the Bears pulled it out despite Trestman’s questionable call.

We aren’t. This loss lies with the head coach, but I doubt we will make a habit out of saying that.

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  • Wish he would of taken FG instead of going for it on 4th and 1 in first half. That would of won game. Also was surprised he stuck with injured Cutler for so long. If McCown had played 2nd half we probably would of won as well. It was hard to watch us blow this game....2 touchdowns taken away (replay, penalty), botched 2 point attempt and sadly Trestman's poor decisions I stated above. We needed to win this one because now Detroit will win any tie breaker with us. With Aaron Rodgers out, we had a good chance to win division with a win. Now, because of poor decisions, playoffs a long shot.

  • In reply to Craig:

    Hear you, this one is on him. I just still really feel great about direction under him.

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