Cubs could jump into expected hot trade market

Cubs could jump into expected hot trade market

The GM meetings are upon us and the Cubs have already publicly stated they will be in on Japanese star pitcher Masahiro Tanaka.

The Cubs are also believed to have interest in Boston free agents Jacoby Ellsbury and Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

All of the above could be really difficult gets for the Cubs front office. The free-agent market is thin and overpriced. Theo Epstein has stated they won't dive deep into the free agent market but, some could fit long term plans.

From what I'm told, the real action will come from the trade market. Many teams believe this will be one of the busiest winter meetings for trades.

The Cubs could be involved, there is real interest in both Jeff Samardzija and Starlin Castro.

The Cubs haven't made either readily available yet. However, if teams are willing to give the Cubs a flush of young prospects or top young arms then all bets are off.

Samardzija is the one to watch. There are many teams who feel they won't be able to obtain either Tanaka or David Price, and have set their sights on the Cubs ace. I've been told to watch Washington and many in the media have reiterated that sentiment of late.

As for the St. Louis interest in Starlin Castro, that would have to be quite a deal. The Cubs aren't totally reluctant to deal Castro to the Cardinals, however they would have to ask a steeper price for dealing with the division rival. 2 top young arms or 2 top 50 (overall) prospects would start any deal off and could include up to 4-5 prospects.

Some in the Cubs front office are well aware of the potential blowback they could take if Castro were to flourish with the rival red birds. They would need to almost win that deal. Keep an eye on the Dodgers as well. They apparently could move Hanley Ramirez back to 3B, like the Marlins did.

I'm also told the Cubs have interest in free-agent, veteran pitcher Scott Kazmir.

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    I'd rather the Cubs go after Phil Hughes rather than Scott Kazmir

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    Always liked him.

  • The Cubs have to get some impact pitching from somewhere. I'm guessing that Shark will flee to a winning team with deep pockets, and so I think the Cubs trade him this year. I think they'd also like to trade Castro. I think there are better odds of him ending up a mediocre shortstop than of becoming a perennial All Star. If St. Louis wants to send us their best pitching prospects for him then great.

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    I like Hughes but does it worry anyone that he gave up a ton of HR's in homer friendly Yankee Stadium? Wrigley isnt a pitchers park by any means.

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