Cubs and Orioles talk Samardzija and Wieters

Cubs and Orioles talk Samardzija and Wieters

The Cubs have yet another interested party for Jeff Samardzija.

Enter the Orioles. I've been told the Orioles want to add another impact starting pitcher but, they might not have the money to do so without going the trade route.

There is also been some talk that Baltimore would part with catcher Matt Wieters. Dealing Wieters would free up some money for pitching.

We still don't know if the Cubs will ultimately deal Samardzija. There has been some recent chatter that the Cubs and Samardzija's camp will try to hammer out an extension once again soon. However, sources say there isn't a great deal of optimism a deal will get done.

What is known is if the Cubs do deal Samardzija, they want young pitching in return. That's why even if the Orioles did include Wieters, the deal would have to be expanded to include either of top pitching prospects Dylan Bundy or Kevin Gausman, I'm told.

Wieters is still only 27 and the switch hitter would provide the Cubs more balance in the line up they seek.

A deal like this is complicated, as the Cubs would likely include young catcher Wellington Castillo.

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    I could live with that deal. I like the Washington option better.

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    I'd rather just deal Shark for Dylan Bundy or Kevin Gausman and keep Beef. Weiters splits aren't good. Career .702 OPS from the left side, .831 from the right.

    To me getting a switch hitter who has that drastic of a fall off the side off the plate he'll bat the most from doesn't help "balance" the line ups handedness.

  • I don't understand the interest in Matt Wieters at all unless a 3rd team is involved, they plan to trade him later or he agrees to an extension on a team friendly deal prior to the trade (unlikely considering he's a Boras client). He's a free agent after 2016 just like Shark is, so it's not giving the team any additional long term value.

    All these rumors about them acquiring major league catchers seems very odd considering Castillo's recent performance. Maybe the new efficiency they've found is trading catchers at their peak value because their performance is volatile? Just trying to think of a reason why they'd sell a young, valuable piece like Castillo.

  • In reply to TulaneCubs:

    I think it's just them trying to find spots for LH. Bryant, Baez, Soler, Almora all RH.

  • Wonder if Jim Johnson would fit as a solid closer for the Cubs.

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    Bundy is scary since he hasn't thrown at all since the TJ operation. I'd be tempted to grab Gausmann of those two, although if Giolito and Sanchez really are on the table, think I'd rather have one of them over Gausmann.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    I think Bundy will be fine.

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    Still would prefer a deal involving Shark to Toronto for Sanchez plus another pitcher, possibly Norris or Nolin.

    This Orioles deal just doesn't fit....imo.

  • I don't see this trade at all. First Shark statistically is nothing more than a no. 3 starter. Wieters, in my opinion, is a much more valuable player. If the Orioles would do it, go for it.

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    Wieters is 27 years old. If they were to trade for him and sign him to a long term deal they would get him in what they (the front office) consider to be a player's prime years.

  • No offense, but you all are insane by mentioning Bundy and Gausman in this at all. The Orioles wouldn't part with them unless you're talking about an actual ace, not a JS.

  • Welington Castillo must have slept with Loxas' sister and his girlfriend...every post is trying to run him out of town. We should have taken Wieters instead of Vitters years ago, but that didnt happen. Lets get a 2B who hits LH to balance out the lineup. Don't trade our best player in the 2H last year, who also coincidentally played an outstanding role in saving runs last year. It just doesnt make sense. I would much rather trade Castro than Castillo if you want balance, but prefer to move neither at this time. Wieters offensive production has declined recently and this deal would make zero sense. If Castillo is moved just to get a LH bat it would be disgraceful...

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