Cubs and Jays could be close on Samardzija deal

Cubs and Jays could be close on Samardzija deal

The Cubs and Blue Jays may be close to a deal involving Jeff Samardzija.

I was told earlier in the week that the Cubs were working on getting something done by Thanksgiving.

Just last night multiple sources predicted the Cubs would deal Samardzija prior to the winter meetings.

When it comes to the Cubs and Jays, both parties are motivated to get a deal done soon I'm told. The Jays don't want other teams getting involved in a potential bidding war. The Cubs on the other hand are content to get ahead of the market like they did with the Matt Garza deal.

The Jays know any package has to include top pitching prospect Aaron Sanchez. They also desperately want to go the trade route. Toronto doesn't want to lose any draft picks to acquire the pitching they seek, and they do not want to dip into the pricey free agent market.

I'm also hearing the aforementioned Garza would likely be the Jays Plan B if they lose out on Samardzija.

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  • fb_avatar

    In addition to Sanchez I'm hoping DJ Davis somehow finds his way t the Cubs in any package.

  • In reply to Michael Canter:

    I like both of those players MC + another arm or two to make a deal.

  • Julie DiCaro tweet:

    Source: Chances Jays are able to put together a package to entice #Cubs to move Samardzija is "pretty remote."

    Have to think that means the Jays don't want to include Sanchez. If that's the case, it's tough to find a package that makes sense for the Cubs.

  • In reply to TulaneCubs:

    Hey respect what Julie hears but heard Toronto is motivated.

  • In reply to TulaneCubs:

    This whole "source" thing baffles me.

  • In reply to Rbirby:

    What part don't you get?

  • fb_avatar

    Meh. Maybe. If they're desperate enough, what are they going to do. Sign a player and overpay. I guess.

  • In reply to Lou Sofianos:

    What has The biggest problem with the Jays over the last few years? Staying health. All of the FA pitchers have health concerns but Samardzija has had no signs if health problems, this is another reason many teams are interested in him.

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