Martinez becoming real player for Cubs job

Martinez becoming real player for Cubs job

The Cubs are still in the midst of interviewing for their next manager.

The reports have suggested that Manny Acta, AJ Hinch, and now Rick Renteria are the favorites. However, I'm now told former Cub and Tampa Bay bench coach Dave Martinez is emerging as a real player.

The Cubs appear to be heading towards the end of the first rounds of interviews. Renteria was to be interviewed Monday. Martinez had not yet hinterviewed sources say.

When it comes to Martinez, the Cubs are said to place a lot of stock in who is grooming him, as in Rays manager Joe Maddon.

Speaking of the formerly mentioned Hinch, a source told me that if San Diego were to lose manager Bud Black, the Padres would themselves turn to Rentetia instead of Hinch. Both currently hold positions in the Padres organization.

Some I have spoken with feel that Hinch makes a better front office candidate rather than a skipper.

When it comes to Acta, don't read too much into his early interview. The Cubs didn't have to get permission from anyone. Acta is currently an analyst with ESPN.

Earlier in the day, it was intimated to me that Renteria is the strong favorite at this time. However, some in the organization are really looking forward to talking with Martinez.

After that interview, it may become more clear if Renteria can keep his grip on the favorite status.

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  • I was hoping for Acta until I read that there might be concerns about his ability to lead a clubhouse. Have you heard anything intimating that to be true?
    I don't care who they hire as long as Theo & Jed make the right decision. I do think it is fair to judge them if Cubs are in the same position in 2 years.
    Thanks for the article!

  • In reply to Tide23:

    Thank you Tide. Ive heard his managing the clubhouse is biggest knock on him.

  • In reply to Tom Loxas:

    If it's a fair and accurate concern and it has happened twice now, I don't think the Cubs can afford to see whether or not he breaks the trend, unless this manager is seen as another short term fill.

  • misgivings around acta's ability to lead a clubhouse are based in large part on his two managing stints in WAS & CLE. in both instances, the respective FOs believed the assembled rosters should have delivered more wins than acta delivered. that's where the "concerns" are coming from. may or may not be legitimate...but that's where the smoke is at this point.

  • I think it would be a good move, my favorite of the bunch so far.

  • Here's my bet, it's an exacta:
    My top two choices: Manny Acta.

  • I think it will come down to Renteria vs Martinez. They are less leadership questions.

  • I'm liking Renteria or Martinez myself. With my knowledge I like Martinez.

  • Martinez has been my choice since they fired Q-ball. I'll settle for Renteria, but would prefer they at least try to get Martinez.

  • I think the Cubs made a huge mistake when the summarily dismissed Sandberg two years ago. But, since they are looking now I believe Martinez makes the most sense of the 4 in the mix now.

  • In reply to JeffK:

    I think they didn't want to put Sandberg in a position to lose and tarnish is Cubs image.

  • In reply to KGallo:

    If that was their reasoning, it's garbage. Sandberg's minor league record showed he could win with whatever talent he was given. In the 6 years in the minors he had only 1 losing season. He took 2 teams to the league finals and 1 tied for 1st place.

    The last 2 years have been no different than what any minor league manager experiences with players coming and going. I believe that Sandberg easily could have had a .500 record or above with the talent the Sveum had. And, with them being somewhat interested in Girardi, they had the Cubs' hero that would have electrified the fan base in Sandberg.

    Here's an independent opinion on Sandberg from veteran Michael Young of the Texas Rangers, Phillies and the Dodgers. "Some guys that had that kind of playing career are a little reluctant to go the minors and work their way up. And he did that.

    "We all have a ton of respect for him that.

    "His playing career immediately gets our attention, but his baseball IQ has been very impressive to all of us.''

    Since much of the Cubs' fan base and Chicago media tend to dismiss what some of the Cubs' players said about Sandberg, I think this quote from Phillies infielder Kevin Frandsen, who played for Sandberg in the minors says a lot as well. "I think he earned his way into being a big-league manager ... I always thought he'd be a great manager. ... He doesn't use his Hall of Fame status as, 'My way or the highway,' where a lot of guys would. He communicates with you. He understands. He literally remembers what it's like to struggle, and work to get out of it.

    So to be able to adjust to guys that aren't as talented as he was, and the way he gets through to us, you know he's going to be special.''

    Respect for a manager (coach) goes a long way in the clubhouse and players willing to take instruction, and someone, like Sandberg, who works his way up earns even more respect and credibility. This is what causes me concern with someone like Acta. I don't think he has had the respect of the clubhouses he has run.

    Quite frankly, I don't believe any of the players the last two years respected Sveum.

    Lastly, if you look at Darwin Barney's stat line in the minors, two of his best years were the those he had with Sandberg. You really have to wonder what Sveum, Deer and Rowson were doing with Barney. He had the absolute worst stat line ever in his career (minor and major) this year.

  • In reply to JeffK:

    I dunno man. We've all seen as Cub fans just how often minor league success translates into major. Time will tell.

  • In reply to KGallo:

    Totally agree.

  • Wasn't it Dave Martinez who was rumored to have slept with Ryno's then wife back when they were teammates? If so, that could be an interesting lineup card exchange when the Phillies come to town. Can't imagine Ryno feeling too well about getting passed over for the position only to see Martinez get it a couple years later. But I'm all good with it if he's the best guy for the job...

  • In reply to Grimace:

    I've been saying that even the last time his name was brought up as a managerial candidate for the Cubs, and can't believe his name keeps getting into the conversation. I would believe the Cubs front office would have to have a grasp on that story history and shoot that option down pronto. I can already hear the jokes/ comments, maybe SNL skits that will be make out of that story if the Cubs hire Martinez. Cubs/ Phils will have to have warnings issued as soon as the MLB schedules come out!

  • In reply to Grimace:

    Grimace -- Precisely why I've been telling people it won't be D Martinez. He was No. 1 on Cindy rumor list, even higher than R Palmeiro.
    . .

  • fb_avatar

    If the hire Dave Martinez do you think they'll bring in Raffy Palmeiro as the hitting coach to really kick Sandberg square in the nuts?

  • I've been asking if those rumors concern anyone. So far I haven't gotten that impression. Ricketts may have to weigh in on that one .

  • I'm rooting for Dave Martinez. He's young, enthusiastic, played in the majors, and is bilingual. He seems like the perfect guy to grow with a young team.

    I also look at it this way: if the next manager fails, what are we going to regret? Are we going to regret not hiring Manny Acta? Doubtful. Are we going to regret not hiring AJ Hinch? Unlikely. If we pass over Martinez and the new guy fails, I could definitely see people regretting not choosing him.

    I see this coming down to Renteria and Martinez.

  • fb_avatar

    Sandy Alomar, Jr.

    But I don't expect the Cubs to be that smart. They hired Theo. How's that working out?

    Two years into Theo you have two of the worst years in team history (and that's saying a lot), two prospects (in Castro and Rizzo) with bigger contracts (thanks to Theo) but seemingly less potential, and the need to find a new manager because the first one was the wrong choice.

    Thank you, Theo, may we have another?

    Cubs fans will wonder what they were thinking when they were soiling themselves with joy when the team hired Theo.

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