Girardi wants to hear Cubs aggressive pitch

Girardi wants to hear Cubs aggressive pitch

Joe Girardi wants to hear a Cubs pitch that will be aggressive, I'm told.

It had seemed the pursuit of the Yankee skipper took somewhat of a downturn on Tuesday, according to my sources. For the very first time I heard some doubts about whether this thing would get done.

However, yesterday there seemed to be somewhat of a rebound of optimism. I received some information that Girardi's camp informed the Yankees he indeed wanted to hear the Cubs out.

This information was confirmed by another source and Gordon Wittenmeyer reports the same this morning.

Girardi, who fielded a contract-extension offer Wednesday from the Yankees, has said publicly and told those close to him privately that family considerations will play a large role in his decision to return to the Yankees or field other offers. In other words, talking to the Cubs about an offer, sources close to him say.

According to at least one national report Wednesday night, Girardi countered the Yankees’ offer with “parameters” it might take for him to return. His contract expires at the end of the month.

Those “parameters” are believed to go well beyond financial considerations — and, according to a source, are believed to include permission to talk to the Cubs before committing to the Yankees.

Now we wait to see if the Cubs indeed get their chance to talk to Girardi. The other info I tweeted out yesterday was that the Cubs do not plan on being outbid for the Yankee manager. They will put their money where their mouth is.

Multiple sources say the Cubs are poised to make the Yankees’ skipper an offer that could make him one of the two highest-paid managers in the game.

Make no mistake, money will not be the deciding factor for Girardi.  

"It is just not about money for him" I'm told.

Yet it shows you how serious the Cubs are in their pursuit. They intend on letting Girardi know they are aiming to contend by 2015 and will supply the talent ammunition.

"Money will be no factor from Cubs end. Prepared to show how committed they are to win" says a source.

Will they get their shot?

Stay tuned.

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  • I wonder how much Cashman under contract for only one more year with the possibility that Joe may find himself working under a new GM / Front Office plays into this. Way I look at it if Joe was going to 100% resign an extension with the Yankee's it would have happen already.

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    In reply to Rbirby:

    By delaying and fielding offers, Girardi only increases his leveraging power, so though I am sure the Yankees would love to sign him right away, the best thing for Girardi to do is drag it out as long as possible.

  • In reply to Michael Canter:

    Of course, but do you think Joe and his agent really need to increase leverage ? Isnt it rare to see MLB managers not resigned before their last season is up ? Seems like most get fired before that last year kicks in, quit, or sign an extension well before the contract expires.

    I just feel the fact that he hasnt already signed an extension with NY leaves the door open greatly that he returns to the North Side. Arod circus + GM / Front Office uncertainty in NY after 2014 + NY budget issues + retiring NY studs + declining NY farm system on top of a Cub's farm system about to explode with talent + Chicago/Cubs personal connections + legendary status of winning + rehab/remodeled stadium / new spring training facility + National League no DH being a superior game to manage + more day games means more time with family + paid like a champ + another Italian kid to connect with in Rizzo = managing on the North side for life.

    I will bet the house Joe G signs with the Cubs by Oct 31st.

  • As indicated in the excerpt, it seems to depend on whether the Yankees are willing to giver permission and let someone bid against them, or the Cubs and Girardi will have to sit for about a month.

  • Seems both clubs will pay him among the top managers salaries. I didnt think thats the issue.

    Along with that, a commitment to winning, stacked farm system, & promising to spend in FA will be the pitch to win him over. If he jumps on that & moves his family & home from NY to Chicago, you KNOW this organization is gonna be ready to win within 2 years. If not, they still have a great plan in place, just need to make the correct choice from a list that is not quite the level of GIrardi.

  • Sounds like Yanks willing yo play hardball. Could get dragged out.

  • The Yankees are bluffing. If they won't let Girardi talk to the Cubs until his contract is up, that leaves their own managerial situation up for grabs until November. And it will only serve to piss off Girardi.

    Hinch and Alomar and Ausmus aren't going anywhere between now and then. All the Cubs have to do is wait.

  • Latest "Report:" in the Tribune was that the Yankees were not giving permission.

    I guess one tweet is as good as the next.

  • Girardi has exactly how many World Series rings as the catcher of the Chicago Cubs? Zippo. You walk into the Yankees job with an incredible legacy, a rich heritage and a NY baseball passion for. You walk into Wrigley Field and get goats, black cats, wind chills, Bartman's, College of Coaches. The Cubs have NO idea of who they are, what they stand for and nor how to appeal to their multi-generational fans base? Harry. Sammy. Santo. Bleacher Bums. Ball Hawks. It's all gone replace with Harvard Graduate Degrees. What a joke!!!

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