Cutler's progression not linear, yet evident

Cutler's progression not linear, yet evident

We have been told in this town that progress isn’t always linear.

We may need to be reminded that is the case with Jay Cutler. Cutler's progression hasn't been linear, yet it's pretty evident at times.

The first 3 weeks of the season it was obvious Cutler was showing signs of development under Marc Trestman and Matt Cavanaugh. The Bears QB was even in the mix for very early season MVP talk.

Then came the Detroit game.

“Bad Jay” then re-emerged. The floodgates opened with I told you so declaerations. “See, this is the real Cutler!” “He will always be a loser!” we were reminded on Twitter and on the airwaves. The panic alarms were rung and we were supposed to just give up on the QB once again.

I’m not advocating we hand Cutler his $100 million right now. However, I think we should let Trestman do his thing first for a whole season before we throw Cutler out with the trash.

Trestman got Rich Gannon to a Super Bowl and an MVP level later in the QB’s career. Let this thing play out. Cutler has bounced back quite nicely from that hideous Detroit game. Last night we saw some signs of progress once again.

The biggest thing that you take away from the performance is Cutler is learning to let plays die. You could almost see it pain him a little to throw the ball away. The Brett Favre in him wants to make a play every time he touches the ball.

Trestman is in his head now, not Favre. It was pretty evident that Cutler is gaining composure under the QB guru’s tutelage.

“Offensively, we played a very clean game,” said Trestman, now 4-2 in his NFL head-coaching career. “Jay took care of the football.

It’s crazy to say, but my favorite play of the game was the intentional grounding penalty Cutler took in the fourth quarter. Even some of the NFL Network's bevy of analysts agreed.

Speaking of that panel, my wife turned to me and asked why they needed five analysts. My answer was they don’t. However the bigger question: Were there really five analysts praising Jay Cutler on television? Something is going on here people. That has to be a sign.

You just have to allow yourself to see it.

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  • I really don't know why at this point anyone would say Cutler is either the savior or total trash. I think with Trestman at the helm he can turn into a very good QB for the Bears and definitely one who gives them a chance at a Super Bowl. At this point I'm far more concerned about the defense and in particular, the pass rush.

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