Cubs possible targets in Samardzija trade

Cubs possible targets in Samardzija trade

Just the other day I wrote about how hot the Jeff Samardzija market could be this offseason.

Out of the many teams I mentioned with interest, Washington and Toronto could have the most motivation to get a deal done with the Cubs, I'm told.

Gordon Wittenmyer today reiterates the possibility of the Cubs and Shark moving on from each other. I did hear some conflicting reports when it comes to how fast the Cubs could pull the trigger on a deal. One said Samardzija would be the first pitcher gone on the market, while another said he may yet still be around for training camp in Arizona.

Some of you wanted to know what kind of return a deal could bring the Cubs. So let's see who the Cubs possible targets are in a potential Samardzija trade.

Kevin Gallo, Director of Scouting for, gives us the rundown.


Lucas Giolito, RHP

Looks really good after coming back from TJ. His Fastball is almost back to the high 90s to 100 it once was. He has a plus FB that has better movement 93 to 95 then it does in the high 90s. He has a power CB that is also a plus pitch and a Major league out pitch. His change up is underrated in my opinion. I think he has over come that hurdle from TJ and he has true #1 potential maybe at top 5 SP in MLB in the future, but he still has a long way to go.

Brian Goodwin, OF

I like him better then some. I see tools across the board with him from hit tool to power to speed and Defensive all being above average. He will solid player with good number across the board.

Matt Purke, LHP

Above average FB in the low 90s with good tailing actions. An above average CB with a good tight spin and hard breaking action. He also shows a good feel for a CU but it is still developing.

Sammy Solis, LHP

Good solid above average offerings across the board. A low 90s FB with a heavy sinking action. He has a very good change up that shows good throwing arm action. His CB is still developing but looks to be above average offering.


Jameson Taillon, SP

Has a plus FB the sits in the mid 90s with good movement and is a plus pitch. His CB is an above average to plus pitch along with his Change up. Has a chance to be a pure #1.

Tyler Glasnow, SP

Shows an above average FB that sits low to mid 90s with late movement. Curveball is a above average pitch and his Change up looks to turn into an average major league pitch. Could be a #2 or #3 SP.

Gregory Polanco, OF

Left handed bat that show some power potential but is more of a speed first player. He has plus speed with a better then average bat. Could be a plus fielder in CF.

Nick Kingham, SP

Who is my personal sleeper pick to be something outstanding. He has above average pitches across the board. FB sits low to mid 90s with very good late movement. Change up looks to be a very good out pitch with good sink. His CB has power pitch potential with a hard power break. Looks to be a #2 or #3 maybe more.


Kyle Zimmer, SP

Has 3 at least above average pitches. FB sits in the mid 90s and shows good late heavy action. He has above average to plus CB with hard breaking action. His slider is also an above average slider with a good sharp break. His CU is an average pitch but does show potential and is still developing. He is still have new to pitching so he is only scratching the surface. He is already seen as a potential #1.

Yordano Ventura, SP

Has a plus FB that is just an out standing pitch with good movement and plus plus velocity (high90s plus). His CB shows above average potential and change up is at least an average major league pitch.

Adalberto Mondesi, SS

Has top major league SS potential with above average hit tool and speed. He shows average power potential and above average fielding potential. He is also a Switch hitter.

Miguel Almonte, RHP

Is a sleeper in the Royals system. His FB is at least a above average pitch sits in the low 90s but has hit 96 with late sinking action. He still has a lot of room to develop so you can dream on him. His CB shows good potential but is still development the same with his change up. He is still very young and has outstanding tools so could develop into a outstanding player.

Blue Jays

Aaron Sanchez, SP

Has #1/2 potential with a plus FB in the mid 90s with late tailing action. He shows an above average to plus CB with a good hard break and a change up that has at the very least average potential but most likely more.

Daniel Norris, LHP

He has at least above average pitches across the board. His FB is an above average pitch that could be develop into more. His CB at times shows plus potential but hasn’t been consistent. His CU is at least an average pitch but could develop into more. He is at least a #3 but if all goes well he could even make it to be a #1/2.

Kyle Drabek, RHP

Before his elbow injuries he was one of the top pitching prospects in all of baseball. He is still young and his stuff is still there. If he can regain that strength is his arm you are looking at #1 again. He would be a high-risk high reward type pick up.

Adonys Cardona, RHP

Still have young but could develop into an outstanding pitcher shows a plus FB. His other pitches are still developing but his has a good feel for his CB and CU, but at 19 it is hard to grad those pitches out just yet.


Archie Bradley, RHP

One of the most out stand pitching prospects in baseball. He can step into a pitching rotation and automatically be a #3 at least. on almost any MLB team. He has a plus FB with nasty sink what will get as many GO as Ks, his CB could be another plus pitch but is at least above average with a hard sharp break. His change up is also at least an above average pitch with tailing action. He can almost automatically be penciled in as a #1 in the future.

David Holmberg, LHP

More of a #2/3 then a #1 but shows good above average pitches across the board.

Adam Eaton, OF

Leadoff type OF. Shows plus speed with a good tool. He can handle CF with ease. He will be impact offensive player at the top of any lineup.

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  • No AJ Cole mention for the Nationals?

  • In reply to TulaneCubs:

    I view him as more of a reliever and I think they go after someone more likely to stick ad a SP.

  • So what's a fair trade from what you mentioned above?

  • In reply to Matt Mosconi:

    I don't see a huge package coming back I think Giolito and Solis is possible. I like Drabek and Norris.

  • I don't know why but I remain intrigued by Drabek, for some reason.

    Problem with TOR is that I don't know if they'd cave on Sanchez and ,without him , I'm not sure how they could get it done to our satisfaction.

    Tom or Kevin, can you imagine a hesitancy to deal him to PIT? I know we did the Marshall deal, intra-division, but that was a different player and at a different point in rebuild. Guessing they might not want to move a talent like Shark to a divisional competitor.

    TOR makes a lot of sense.

  • In reply to Carl9730:

    I like Norris, Drabek and Cardonas so it maybe the enough. I like Gasbow and Kingham from Pirates.

  • In reply to Carl9730:

    I don't think they would care who they deal him to, he's not going to haunt IMO.

  • I wonder how the future of AJ Burnett affects the Pirates thinking on this. If he comes back will they be more or less likely to trade for JS?

    If he retires, you would have to think they would want to bring in a verteran to bolster the staff.

  • In reply to IrwinFletcher:

    It could be a factor.

  • Forgot to mention this before but I'd love Gose as a supplemental piece in aTOR deal. He's raw but insanely talented.

  • In reply to Carl9730:

    I agree and I think the Bluejay would have to give up more in talent then most of these other teams.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Carl9730:

    Gose could be expendable because of DJ Davis but you may like Davis better. Certainly the upside is there.

  • fb_avatar

    Jameson's surname is spelled "Taillon"

  • In reply to Chris Trengove:

    Thanks and fixed.

  • fb_avatar

    Great article! If a return on Samardzija could focus on Bradley or Taillon or Giolito, I think the Cubs have to strongly consider it.

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