Cubs haven't requested permission to speak with Lovullo or Ausmus

Cubs haven't requested permission to speak with Lovullo or Ausmus

Terry Lovullo and Brad Ausmus are still not officially in the Cubs manager derby.

While Eric Wedge interviewed Tuesday in Chicago, I had heard earlier in the day the Cubs search would have some real movement come the weekend. Rick Renteria is still seen as the leader in the clubhouse as of now. However, many have expected the Boston bench coach, Lovullo, to get an interview as soon as the World Series concludes.

Patrick Mooney’s sources also indicate that Ausmus may be the X factor in the process. Personally, I find both Lovullo and Ausmus the most appealing of the bunch. New information says the front office is divided on whether to give Ausmus an interview.

The Cubs may have to decide fast as the Nationals and Tigers have already spoken with Ausmus.

When it comes to any candidate creating a buzz, it is entirely possible the Cubs don’t consider it at all a factor. Ausmus and Lovullo seem to have more media buzz going than Renteria would likely generate.

Ausmus has the "next Mike Matheny" tag going right now. Lovullo would garner buzz just by coming fresh from the Red Sox organization, straight from a World Series, and right now likely a title.

The reality is, the Cubs haven’t asked for permission to speak to either candidate, according to sources. Ausmus currently works for the Padres organization.

It has been a long road since the Cubs fired Dale Sveum and Joe Girardi decided to stay put in New York. It is likely the conclusion of the World Series will bring us to the home stretch.

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  • If the Cubs' FO is divided on whether or not to even grant an interview to Ausmus, can someone explain how he can truly be a candidate, much less a leading candidate for the Managerial position right now? For the record, from what I've read, he represents an intriguing possibility to me at least.

  • In reply to Good Captain:

    That's the thing. Some have mentioned him as a factor but he isn't really a candidate yet.

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    I really like Ausmus, so I hope they give him an interview. I don't understand the Cubs' front office being divided on whether or not he should be interviewed. What is the harm in interviewing someone? If there is any thought that he may be at least a partial fit, why not take a few hours to at least talk to him. They interviewed Dave Martinez and he was considered a long shot. If they interview Ausmus and he doesn't impress the front office, then that is fine, at least you know. But I would hate to see them not interview him and he turns out to be a great manager.

  • In reply to Bill Newton:

    Yeah I'm intrigued. I think maybe some feel he is just not exp enough. Others feel he is raw talent like Matheny that is worth the gamble?

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