Cubs offseason targeting impact talent as well as Manager this offseason

Cubs offseason targeting impact talent as well as Manager this offseason

Most of the focus regarding the Cubs off-season thus far has been centered around Joe Girardi and their managerial search.

However, the Cubs are starting to look into acquiring impact talent as well, moves that could set them up to contend by 2015.

You've heard the interest in Colorado's Carlos Gonzalez and Japanese import MasahiroTanaka.

There is one name I had previously thought would prove too costly in both money and prospects for the front office's tastes. Now I'm told Tampa Bay ace David Price could actually be a target if the Cubs failed to acquire Tanaka. Of course Tanaka would be preferred as he wouldn't cost anything in the way of prospects.

I'm told the Cubs are looking for both left-handed hitters and younger pitchers.

My understanding is anyone under the age of 30 is going to be on their radar.

The Cubs front office will soon have to start making tough decisions on who they will make available in trade. I reported earlier in the week of their interest in Boston catcher Jarrod Saltamacchia. That would lead you to believe Wellington Castillo could be had in a package. The other name I told you the Cubs would look to peddle back in the summer was Jeff Samardzija.

There are many teams interested in Samardzija, but look for Washington to make the biggest push I'm told.


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    Strap in folks because this is going to be a wild ride!

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