Could Bears move on from Jay Cutler?

Could Bears move on from Jay Cutler?

Could the Bears truly consider moving on from Jay Cutler after this season?

Michael Silver of hears  that scenario may be possible.

The Bears have known all along they would face a tough decision at the end of the season regarding their quarterback. This groin injury to Cutler potentially makes that decision even tougher. The hope is Cutler is able to return this season, giving the Bears a chance to further analyze his development under head coach Marc Trestman.

I have thought all along that Trestman's arrival was somewhat designed to develop Cutler into the franchise quarterback many think he still could be. However, some around the league feel Trestman's QB developmental abilities combined with his passer friendly offense could lend itself to a different type of signal caller alltogether.

I'm starting to see that possibility. Look around the league and see all the young QBs starting. Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, and Andrew Luck all took their teams to the playoffs last year as rookies. I could see Trestman finding someone in this upcoming draft and getting him ready in a hurry. Development is fast and furious these days. I trust this staff could pull it off.

Do the Bears need to pay $18 million to a quarterback that is on the wrong side of 30 and still has his growing pains? Commiting long term to Cutler would be a huge gamble and not likely to happen after this season. Super Bowl winners Eli Manning and Joe Flacco recently signed $100 million deals that don't look so good at the moment. Silver points out that Trestman's offense hummed under the much less gifted Rich Gannon.

Trestman, who was the Oakland Raiders' offensive coordinator during Gannon's MVP season in 2002 and won a pair of Grey Cups in the Canadian Football League with Anthony Calvillo running the Montreal Alouettes' attack, might not place as much of a premium on arm strength as some of his peers.

"Think about it -- he had his greatest success with Rich Gannon, who was smart and moved well but wasn't anybody's idea of a big thrower," said one source familiar with the Bears' situation. "If you're him, do you want to spend $20 million a year on Cutler, who might not be the best fit, or do you want to find someone you can mold who's efficient? And if you think about how deep this (next) draft class might be, he can identify his guy and get him relatively cheap for the next few years."

I feel the Bears will still lean towards franchising Cutler at the end of the season, and giving it one more year to see what they truly have. Either way Phil Emery goes with this, I would wage heavily the Bears will be looking for their next quarterback in the upcoming draft.

If there is anything to learn from Josh McCown's performance this past Sunday, it's that we can believe in this revamped offense and it's weapons. The offense may ultimately just need someone to distribute the ball into the playmakers' hands. It is a shame Cutler had to endure this injury after there were some real signs of progression.

Now we may get some indication if the offense can progress without him.

If it does, that may answer the original question.


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  • Are you sure you didn't wire into my brain and download my thoughts?

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    I know you had to double check who wrote this.

  • The Bears had their future QB on the roster during training camp until he broken a knuckle and the Bears paid him an injury settlement. I expect them to re-sign him after week 10.

  • Would I rather have a promising QB at a tenth of the cost of Cutler? Sure. My biggest worry is how much of a crapshoot drafting QBs is. For every Luck, Wilson, Kaepernick, there's a Blaine Gabbert or Brandon Weeden. I'm being lazy with the name drops, but if you look up the last 5-10 drafts and check out the QBs drafted, it's pretty ugly. 50% at best.

    The Bears' defense is in horrible shape. They need revamping. But I think the Bears offense is built to win now and (once Cutler is back) will only continue to improve. I'd hate to waste those prime offensive years.

    Emery has a tough choice ahead of him. I think the best case is maybe a franchise tag or Cutler accepts a little bit less money to play on a well-run contender and to acknowledge his injury history.

  • Thank god !!!!!

  • Wouldn't franchising Cutler absolutely blow up the Bears cap situation next year. I just don't see how they can do that.. I am over Cutler at this point, and want a new promising young QB so bad but it is a gamble. Really, it's just a shitty situation..

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:

    I don't think franchising him would. I think there is going to be a lot of money off the books.

  • It really is a shitty situation. This offense has arrived 5 years too late. We're starting to pay the price for Angelo's bad drafting year after year. There is hardly no young impact talent to build around. By the time the defense could be fixed, the offense will be aging. I really wouldn't mind a rebuild at this point.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I don't think it's bad. The offense is talented. They need a few more bodies and the d needs revamping but it's not as bad as you think. Offense wins in this league now.

  • In reply to Tom Loxas:

    Maybe not as bad as I think, but that's kind of my point, I'd rather rebuild than be stuck in the middle like they've been for the past 5 years. I don't see a superbowl with this core. I still think it takes offense & defense. I don't see Peppers being back next year, who knows what happens with Melton, maybe they'll have to build around a new QB who they don't even have on the roster yet, meanwhile Forte is getting older relative to the average RB shelf life, Marshall will be aging, and I still don't see many young building blocks outside of Emery's recent 2 drafts, and really only Jeffery from the 1st. Plus how many expiring deals do they have coming up this offseason?

  • The ideal scenario would be to draft a rookie this summer that forces Cutler to man up next year. He's gotta learn to play hurt and have competition for his job. He's needs to be pushed otherwise he'll continue to live off his potential.

    He's 1-6 vs Green Bay over 5 years and let us down in the biggest game the Bears have played in other than the Super Bowl. If he retired today #6 would not be retired - it's on him to carve out his place in history here. So far he's been using a dull knife and making slow progress.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to ATRAIN:

    Are you suggesting he play with a torn groin muscle? You obviously know nothing about that type of injury. It's not like you can just tape it up and all is good. You may not like Cutler, but he is a tough cookie and would play if he could.

  • Bears are 2nd in scoring and 8th in yards I dont think cutlers the problem only denver gets more points then the bears how crazy is that

  • In reply to Domnk S:

    Bears have played one more game than a lot of teams. Let's see where they stack up after the bye. Still a top-10 offense, but not in Denver's league.

  • One of the worst things you can do is draft for a need. More teams make mistakes when they go looking to fill a specific position rather than looking to get the best available player. If the Bears are in a position to draft a good quarterback then yes by all means take him. For all the talk about how well rookie quarterbacks have done the last couple of years. Remember the teams around them . Both Wilson and Kapernack took over really good teams. The 49's had played for the NFC Championship the year before . The Seahawks were a playoff team the year before as well. Right now it seems like the Bears defense needs the most help.

  • In reply to ironmik:

    Hear you. Totally agree about draft but if a guy is there MT likes you may have to grab him need or not.

  • The only thing I'm certain of is that whatever the Bears decide, there will be a lot of complaining:

    Pay Cutler $18-20MM per year and I think most likely, we will all be disappointed unless the Bears win a Superbowl with him despite the cap constraints his large salary would induce.

    Let Cutler walk and we will never hear the end of it, unless the Bears do something they've never done before by striking QB gold via other means.

    Best thing would be that Cutler agrees to a "reasonable" salary in the, let's say, $12-15MM per year range -- commensurate with his performance, IMO -- but that's not going to happen.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Great points. Unless Cutler wins SB it would always be viewed as mistake.

  • In reply to Tom Loxas:

    I'm starting to think getting him to sign for $12-15MM per year is realistic. Cutler might try to play hardball but I don't think he really wants to go to his third team and to his sixth offensive system, nor do I think he wants to play for the Raiders or Cardinals or whatever bad team would actually offer him $20MM per year. He has to know that at this stage in his career, the window is closing on him fulfilling his potential, and his best bet to do so is to remain in Chicago. If he's really all about the money and won't accept a reasonable deal, let him walk.

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