Timing could be right for Girardi and Cubs

Timing could be right for Girardi and Cubs

I have posed the question in the past, is Dale Sveum just the point A guy here?

Is Sveum more or less the Alan Trammell of this rebuilding project? Some have speculated the Cubs front office will pounce on a more decorated field general when the talent and time is ripe. Maybe a Joe Maddon or a Terry Francona?

Ken Rosenthal suggests they may not want to wait that long. What if an ideal point C guy is available now?

Joe Girardi and the Cubs have always been connected, and for good reason. Girardi has a special feeling about this place. Is it enough for him to up and leave a baseball giant like the Yankees? Girardi is a free agent again, and when I first read Rosenthal’s column two thoughts dominated. One, this is Girardi's camp once again using the Cubs as contract leverage.

The other, this would buy more time with Cubdom during this long rebuilding process. I was told yesterday this thing is a five-year plan (fan patience or not) in management and ownership’s eyes. A move like this makes it easier to take.

Now Theo Epstein doesn’t need any more credibility stamped on this project. However, Girardi, aside from the baseball reasons, would give the fan base and Tom Ricketts another strong pillar of hope to lean on.

To evoke Dave Wannstedt, the pieces would be in place, at least on the management end.

As far as Sveum is concerned, would the Cubs launch him at this point? You could make a herculean case he hasn’t had a chance with this talent base. However, if you could judge the skipper on anything it would be the younger players development. Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, and Jeff Samardzija have all had more down than up seasons. I'm told the front office has concerns over that, and also to not expect an extension for Sveum this offseason.

Back to Girardi, would he be up for taking on a young team? Why not? The Yankees are getting old with a capital O. They also are going to have a harder time reloading in this current market.

The Cubs could give Girardi another chance to mentor young talent like he did in Florida (before the crazy ownership pulled the plug due to personality conflicts).

Then there is always the same chance to be “that guy." It may sound Hollywood, but I’m sure Girardi has had the local boy breaking the curse dream.

Today maybe Cubs fans can dream a little.


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  • I'm cutting and pasting this article back up in Cubs Den.......

    I'm a Girardi guy. And I'd like to see him join the Cubs. I don't know if the timing is right. And I think Joe is quite happy in the Bronx. I know they love living in CT. or Westchester or wherever they are.

    The disturbing part of the article is the "five year" plan. Do they really believe that? Theo said progress isn't always linear so how then can he say it's going to be 5 years? What if it's four? Are they not gonna go for it because they've previously thought it was 5?

    I know one thing. If Girardi somehow happened to come over, I don't want the Rooster as pitching coach when Johnson, Edwards,et. el. are on the cusp of being Chicago Cubs.

    I'm cutting and pasting my response at Cubs Den too......

  • In reply to felzz:

    Ha, thanks Felzzy.

  • In reply to felzz:

    I still think they can pull an Oak and get better sooner but this thing is dug in.

  • Joe would be a huge upgrade over Dale. I don't think they should extend him this off season. I'm sure Dale would like that vote of confidence now. But the reality is, he hasn't earned it yet. The F.O. is right to be concerned about the inconsistency or struggles of the "big 3".

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    They are and should be.

  • In reply to HoosierDaddy:

    Sveum has done nothing to justify being extended - so he shouldn't be.

    We need a guy now who can inspire these young players to reach the next levels, not just to "play hard".

  • I've been pushing for Girardi to manage since 2006, when it was blatantly obvious Dusty was done. Haven't given up hope it'd happen.

    Also, the Cubs might just be a better opportunity to win. Sabathia looks to be on a downswing, Jeter's done, Mo's gone after this year, A-Rod's a massive question mark, and there's a chance Granderson leaves. If the Cubs can add a few quality arms to the bullpen, they might compete in 2014. Given how well Girardi did with a whole bunch of nothing in the first half for the Yankees, I'd love to see him work with a potentially resurgent core of Rizzo and Castro, with potential emergences of guys like Mike Olt and Jeff Samardzija.

  • In reply to Jim Weihofen:

    Yeah should've been him over Piniella. I think he would be great with the young players.

  • In reply to Jim Weihofen:

    Better opportunity to win? Put down the Kool-Aid. The Yankees never construct a team to improve draft position. Never. Sure Rivera is leaving, but on the Cubs side of things, they core gets worse each passing game.

    Hmmm, let's see a team that is pushing a couple extra years of the tanking, or one that tries to win. Every. Single. Year.

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    In reply to Vinny:

    Do you remember when Girardi had a young Marlins team, that wasn't supposed to win anything, contending? He probably doesn't land the Yanks job without that experience.

    So yeah a young Cubs team with coachable talent is a better opportunity to win than an over the hill Yanks team that is going to lose one of their best players to FA and another to retirement. Jeter's career is most likely over also. And they made it public knowledge that they're trying to get under the luxury tax threshold, so they're not going to spend big on the very limited FA pool this year.

    Girardi does have a better opportunity to win here than NY.

  • In reply to Vinny:

    The Yankees don't construct a team to improve draft position over the last 20 years, yes. However, in the coming years, I'm not sure they can avoid it. Ever since George Steinbrenner died, they haven't been playing with Monopoly money anymore. They want to get under the luxury tax cap, and that may well mean letting guys like Granderson and/or Cano walk this off-season.

    Which leaves what for a core? Texeria? Ichiro? Gardner? Eduardo Nunez? Sabathia's on the way down, Kuroda might retire or go back to Japan. The Yankees have had an impressive run over the last two decades, but it does look like the realities of baseball are catching up to them. They let their core get old without really bringing in enough talent through the minors.

    The Cubs, on the other hand, are adding assets, while the Yankees are desperately trying to tread water and hope they can stave off the inevitable decline of their players at the hands of father time. If this team converts half their blown saves, it's an above .500 club. I'd rather spend $20 million to bring in Girardi and a couple of quality bullpen arms than overpay Choo or Ellsbury.

  • In reply to Jim Weihofen:

    That's what perplexes me to no end. I believe all people are created equal but Dusty was awful. Even in 2003 maybe run up the line and yell at the ump or yell at Alou thus scaring AGon from not making the critical error.

    So how is he winning in Cincy? Must be all FO. Heck he even still has Dick Pole as his fishing buddy bench coach.

  • Prefer Joe over Ryan in the battle of ex-Cubs for manager. I will never forget being at the game vs the Cards sweating in the heat when Joe came out to announce to the crowd the game was being postponed ( the Darryl Kyle game ).

  • In reply to Rbirby:


  • In reply to Vinny:

    Ryne of course, who did you think I was referring to ?

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    He's the perfect guy. I think the bigger question is whether he wants another year or two of rebuilding. I think he could have a job with a contender if he decides to leave New York.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Yes but this is the Cubs.

  • In reply to Mike Moody:

    Northwestern wise it's like a Pat Fitzgerald situation right down to the stadium issues. These teams were never meant to actually win. (Sarcasm)

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