Jay Cutler is your jerk now

Jay Cutler is your jerk now

A very prominent restaurateur in town has used this line on many occasions to his staff. “Yes that guy is an asshole, but he’s our asshole”.

I understand many of you in this city feel that Jay Cutler is a jerk. You are right at times he is, and sometimes even unapologetic about it. However, now he is your jerk. In fact with every passing game and fourth quarter comeback, he is becoming yours even more and more. It is becoming so on two levels.

First off, Cutler is not going anywhere. He is showing glimpses of why teams have bent over backwards to put him in a position to flourish. The QB market isn't exactly booming, and this organization was going to do everything it took to make sure they couldn't get the most out of this one.

Phil Emery may be on his way in doing just that. He was smart enough to replicate what Cutler flourished under in Denver. A West Coast system that exploits his strengths, receivers he trusts, and most importantly an offensive coach (Marc Trestman) he trusts and respects.

So much has been said about Cutler needing to prove his worthiness of a new deal this season. Make or break. However, this regime knows there are not many signal callers out there that can do what Cutler can do.

They aren’t going to fork over Joe Flacco money anytime soon. However, I think even two games in, they have seen enough to know this is a worthwhile project. For those who thought he’d play his way out of town this year, it doesn’t look good for you. I would expect Cutler to continue to develop under Trestman and QB coach Matt Cavanaugh.

Secondly, let’s face it; you are starting to like him. Admit it, with every game he wins in the fourth quarter he is breaking you down. Maybe “jerk face” even has a new nickname? “Mr. Fourth Quarter”.

"We have Mr. Fourth Quarter on our side, in our huddle, Jay-Cut," Bears receiver Brandon Marshall said with a smile, looking at a seemingly aloof Cutler in the postgame news conference room after the game. "I'm just excited to have him in the huddle, because he makes everything so easy."

Cutler has plenty still to work on. The turnovers still loom and he isn’t making excuses about them anymore. He also seems to be bouncing back from his mistakes without losing his focus or his team.

"They're going to be as calm as I am and I try to stay relatively calm out there," Cutler said.

For those of you who still want to hate your QB, your prerogative. However, just know that many NFL QBs are jerks behind the scenes anyway. Joe Montana was known to be as prickly as anyone. Would I prefer Cutler act less jerky? Of course, but I’m more concerned with him not pouting and whipping the ball into coverage out of frustration.

Drew Magory wrote this little tidbit for GQ:

“There is a sardonic edge to (Cutler) him that you won’t find in, say Tom Brady, who is the most boring human being mankind has ever produced. Don’t we need more QBs like Cutler? Why do other QBs get praised for being superficially nice when we know they probably aren’t? I don’t want Cutler to be anything other than the glaring asshole he’s always been, and neither should you.”

Well, I’d still prefer he not be an asshole, but either way, He is yours now.


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  • fb_avatar

    All that said, the Bear's would be wise to take a QB in second or third round of the 2014 draft.

  • In reply to Michael Caldwell:

    The backup QB has not been good for a while, so I agree with the idea of getting a viable one that does not cost too much.

  • I am a Cutler supporter, but just a fun little story about what people who know Jay think before he became an NFL QB. My wife graduated with Cutler in H.S. at Heritage Hills in Santa Claus, Indiana. She is cool with him, but lets just say literally every other person I have met from down there hates his guts. Her grandparents dislike Jay and his family (Jay's dad was an asshole Cop) so much that they buy the NFL Sunday ticket just to watch Bears games and pray he gets smashed. Picture an 80 yr old lady cheering when he gets sacked. It's insane, but Jay and his family really know how to piss people off.
    Like I said I am good with him being a dick, just keep the turnovers down and win baby:)!

  • In reply to Justin:

    You really nailed it - like father - like son. Check the look on the face of Cutler's cop/dad (he's the one on the right)


    "Punch-me" faces must run in the family.

    The a(ss)pple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    PS - after that "great" Lions debacle in Detroit, how do you feel about your jerk NOW, Tommy?

  • fb_avatar

    It's actually a riff on the Abe Gibron quote after another loss from the 1-13 season that was widely reported in Chicago back then.

    "You're the 40 biggest assholes I ever saw. But you're my assholes. Let's go get a beer."

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