Girardi eyeing Cubs job

Girardi eyeing Cubs job

If it's true Theo Epstein has targeted Joe Girardi as his next manager, then things could be lining up quickly for a conclusion.

Multiple sources confirmed today that Girardi's camp let the Cubs know (through back channels) that not only was Girardi willing to talk, but that Chicago was his preferred destination.

One source was intrigued that Epstein would have such an interest in the Yankee manager without having any prior experience of working with him.

Another source claimed there were some within the Cubs organization still fighting for current manager Dale Sveum. However, the chances of Sveum retaining his job were thought to be very slim.

Early Friday veteran baseball writer Peter Gammons appeared on the Score 670 AM and pointed to Brad Ausmus as a top candidate. I'm told Ausmus would be on a shortlist that would also include Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire and Sandy Alomar Jr.

It all still comes down to Girardi, the Cubs will make their move for him before talking to anyone else. Things could get moving early next week as Epstein told reporters he would have an announcement regarding Sveum's fate on Monday.

Could the Yankees still step in and somehow convince their leader to stay on? Sure, this is no slam dunk, but the interest is real and mutual.

Your move Theo.

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  • Didn't have any major problems with Dale because of the bullpen/roster in general but always been a big fan of Girardi, when he was a player and coach

  • I'm hoping that Sveum is out along with his coaches (except McKay and maybe Bosio). We've seen enough to know he won't take us where we want to go.

    I'm hoping that Gardenhire is never in. You can make an incredible pitching staff of ex-Twins who put it all together once they left the influence of Gardenhire and his pitching coach Anderson.

    Ausmus has no experience.

    Girardi has much experience, he's a former Cub and has an Illinois background. He knows how to win. This is a no-brainer.

  • In reply to Tinker Evers Chance:

    I think they agree.

  • Hilarious stuff. Best four jobs in pro sports?
    Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.
    Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.
    Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs... and
    Manager of the 27-time New York Yankees...
    Does Joe Girardi have stupid tattooed on his forehead?
    Cubs had their chance and...hired Lou Piniella.

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