Why are Chicago Bears still playing Cover 2?

Why are Chicago Bears still playing Cover 2?

Why are the Chicago Bears still intending on playing a Cover 2 based defense?

That is the question that I posed recently.  I assumed that if and when the Bears ever made a coaching change the defense would change along with it.

The Cover 2 scheme is outdated but still used in doses by every team in the league.  Certainly you won't find a current team that relied upon it as much as Lovie Smith did.

Factor in that new defensive coordinator Mel Tucker isn’t from a Cover 2 background and it made even less sense to me to still run it.

I understand the Bears are trying to take another shot with this defensive unit still mostly intact, but I figured they could play another 4-3 base scheme.

The difference I’m told is the corners.

The Bears will play more man than they have in recent years, but apparently they feel they can't leave this current cornerback group on an island without getting burned.

Phil Emery has many needs in the draft but you should keep your eye out for what type of corner(s) they draft to see if a scheme change is in the team's future.

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