ESPN Chicago turns to Colin Cowherd, Score's Spiegel rips him

ESPN AM 1000 Chicago has decided to go national in their battle against WSCR 670 AM The Score.

The local sports station has turned to national presence Colin Cowherd to try and put a dent in their ratings deficit with their competition. "The Waddle & Silvy Show" is moving to afternoons and "The Carmen & Jurko Show" is switching to middays.

The moves will take effect April 1.

"Mike and Mike in the Morning continue to kick off the day for ESPN Chicago, and the full-day lineup includes a supporting cast that is unparalleled," ESPN 1000 general manager John Cravens said in a statement. "As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we continue to offer the best of national and local sports talk to our fans."

"Mike & Mike in the Morning" will now be followed by the addition of Colin Cowherd's "The Herd" from 9 to 10 a.m.

I talked with some media sources that had plenty to say on the shuffle, some of the statements were strong.

One media source speculated the station would eventually turn to Cowherd on a full time basis after Carmen DeFalco and John Jurkovic’s contracts run out. While another counters that DeFalco is valued and just got new paper.

Either way, a move was in the making for some time. I was told most of the management at AM 1000 wanted to move “Waddle/Silvy” to drive time 2 years ago.

Host Marc Silverman tells me he is excited for the challenge.

“You know me, I’m happy to be talking Chicago sports no matter where it is, but definitely excited for the PM drive." Says Silverman.

“ESPN wants a presence here, but they are conceding defeat,” says another source. “Waddle/Silvy” is the only show worth saving so they’ll give it a shot against “Boers and Bernstein” They might have a shot, B and B are hated by many.”

That should be an interesting battle. No matter whom you listen to, WSCR has done little wrong since they brought back Dan McNeil, while ousting Mike North and Mike Murphy.

McNeil wisely brought with him one Matt Spiegel, and he relishes the chance to take on Cowherd.

“ I look forward to going against Cowherd, who is a pompous windbag. He’s a contrarian by convenience, no one thinks he believes a word he says.” Chicagoans are too smart to be fooled into thinking he’s a worthwhile listen.”

Listen up Chicago, this could get interesting.



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