Derrick Rose cleared to play leak not from top of Bulls organization.

Derrick Rose cleared to play leak not from top of Bulls organization.

When it comes to the Derrick Rose cleared to play leak, there has been no shortage of finger pointing by the media.

It has been implied by many outlets that the leak came from high up in the Bulls organization. My question yesterday was how high? From what I heard and gathered Jerry Reinsdorf is not in any way responsible for the leak.  I was told the Bulls have been plenty supportive and patient with their star player.

The case that the pressure would not come from Reinsdorf has some historical backing. The Chairman famously didn’t want to rush Michael Jordan back in 1986, and I’m told he doesn’t want to rush Rose either. They don’t want to piss off "the franchise".

It also didn’t come from Coach Tom Thibodeau. He doesn’t provide much if any info to the media or as I’m told, “Thibs is no ones source”.

So John Paxson or Gar Forman maybe, who knows? Forman was quick to let the media know he didn't have an axe to grind with Rose's camp, at least publicly speaking.

No matter where it came from. there is no winner in this story. Rose now burdens the public pressure and the Bulls kind of look like, pardon the expression, “bullies”. Will NBA players view this as the organization dissing the franchise player once again? The Bulls still are trying to clean up their somewhat stained reputation of not being the best landing place for potential free agents.

Baseless or not, it’s an old wound that Dwyane Wade re-opened during the free agent bonanza in the summer of ’10. Perception is reality among NBA players, and it isn’t helped by this development.

What I do hear is that Rose’s inner circle of representative BJ Armstrong and brother Reggie are in his ear to sit and possibly miss the rest of the season.

I can’t say I blame them, but the Bulls have been way patient and they believe the only way Rose is going to get over the mental hurdles is by getting back onto the court. The leak I believe has to be a response to Rose’s team that fired shots at the trading deadline.

If that is the case then Rose is caught in the cross-fire.








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